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From this kind of hotness and intensity (Maou era last year)

To his new role of being a grouchy, rockstar-turned-children's show extra...
It's just... INSPIRED. 
I just watched the 1st and 2nd episodes of Uta no Oniisan
Ohno in an acorn suit is fucking ridiculous, and I can't get over it.

They did not just make an idol of his stature and his talent wear an acorn suit and roll around in it.
They did not just. 

Pissed acorn Ohno. (God I love this new drama.)

Well to move on from that.

I've been trying out different softwares and remedies in order to convert AVI to MP4, so that I could put vids on my iPhone.
There were a lot of freeware up on the net, but none for Mac that was free and/or efficient.
Then I found this tutorial at that could transcode formats within VLC, something that all Mac users probably have.

It's such a no-brainer.
Genius, I tell you. 

I can finally watch vids on my phone and not be bored on the way to Baguio, because seriously, I hate long travel time. Car, airplane, it doesn't make a difference.  If there's one thing I want invented stat, it would be a teleporter. Somebody go work on that, please?


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