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It's not really that nightmarish when you think about it, but the worst for me was probably when we got stuck at LAX for more than 24 hours because the airplane needed repairs. Stupid PAL. Also, I hate airports, and although we had access to the EVA VIP lounge (never underestimate the power of mileage) replete with passable food, wi-fi, and other so-called perks, it just sucked ass to be stuck in the airport. Then after that, we had to have a layover to Taiwan, where we also had to wait a long time. At least their lounge had real food like congee, rice, dimsum, etc. To think Manila was already so near. I just get really pissy when I'm homesick; Manila seemed so near, yet so far. Airline inefficiencies make me boil. I'm talking about you, Philippine Airlines. Yes, you.

It goes without saying that Philippine Airlines is my worst travel experience. 
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[Error: unknown template qotd] This Writer's Block query grabbed my attention. Why is my username, indeed, nunuuu ?

Well, when I was 3 to 7, I watched Sesame Street a lot. That included reruns, since the local networks replayed old Sesame Street episodes, even those from the 80s. I particularly had an affection for the typewriter guy, the one that sang "nooney nooney nooney noooooo noooo...." Here's a vid.

Heard him singing noo noo? Well I kept on humming it around that my cousin, Kuya Banjo noticed. He started calling me Noonoo; when he was calling to me affectionately he would sing that Typewriter guy tune. Nooney nooney nooney noo noo. It eventually got shortened to Nunu (My sister made the spelling U so there's nothing I can do about that now. Haha.) My cousin still does that now, that whole singing thing, when I'm about to turn 20 in less than a month! HAHA.

At home I'm called Nunu. And only my closest of closest friends know about that nickname, and dare call me that. Variations have existed, such as Janunu (still Kuya Banjo), Nunu-sa-punso (gee thanks Lawr, haha), and Banunu/Bonunu (Lyle and Vince.) And I guess I just wanted to extend that sense of intimacy and being on a personal level with my blog. Nunuuuuuu. It's just like my close friends calling out to me. :))

Fun eh? Haha.

Just don't call me that when we're not close. Or else, all hell will break loose. Dorky nicknames are reserved for loved ones. HAHA.



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