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Today went pretty well. Just had one class, film. Our professor, Clodualdo Del Mundo (he's a famed screenwriter who has done work for Lino Brocka, and others, many academic accomplishments etc etc I am awed by him just AWED HE IS SO SMART AND ELOQUENT AND I WOULD'VE MARRIED HIM IF HE WAS 30 YEARS YOUNGER!) had us describe the scenes that we wanted to film on a cinematographe. It was our homework, and we had to keep in mind that a scene shot on a cinematographe lasts for only 52 seconds or so. And that it's hard to mobilize, so more often than not, a scene has to be shot from a certain angle. It's that old school. It's bound to be, it IS the first motion picture camera.

So I'm babbling. But anyway, Sir Doy picked me out to be the first to share my scene. It just so happens that my scene was born out of obsession. Grey's Anatomy. I pitched my gruesome, entrails-falling-all-over-the-operating-room, bloody, high-pitched, graphic, cinematographe scene. I'm lazy to re-narrate it here. But the point is, my prof approved of it. My prof of the Lino Brocka fame. He said that my timing and punchline was well-placed, and that my imagination was very vivid. The fact too that I had my classmates' attention... it was the cherry on top. And they laughed. With me. Me, the nervous public speaker.

Gelatto from Greenbelt is heavenly. Kim and I bought earlier today, mine was chocolate biscuit. So good! :)

I woke up today feeling very listless. My anting anting is not working!!! I'm about to go berserk, desire is a bitch don't you think? Diba? Oh my Pia and I tripped on this guy. I kind of dig him, so Pia told him so through chat and gave him my pic and all. Kagat! He said I was pretty fine and that I could roll with him anytime, something of that sort. Laughtrip. And the whole deleting of pictures that could possibly be accessed by him through Multiply. Damage control kami ni Pia, laughtrip talaga! Loser nights rock!

That's it for tonight. Wee, Pitt family dinner/inuman here tomorrow night. My darlings! They're bringing booze and tents. What the heck. But I'm excited nonetheless.


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