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 Watched this the other night, and I know I keep saying this, but it was such a FUN episode. These boys kill me, really. The game for Aibaland (or should I say Aibarandooo) was straight out of Aiba's rainbow psyche! IT WAS SO FUN. And the boys all got embarrassed. Even Nino, the son of the devil himself. HAHA. 

And wow, 100th episode. These guys are amazing, they've reached the 100 show mark without doing anything significant on the show. They're all just inherently entertaining by themselves :))

I didn't watch it with any subs, but all their facial expressions was worth it. And I got what the game was about. I don't know if Aiba is crazy, or hella creative. 

Ohno all red and embarrassed, aww!

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It's Tuesday! You know what that means. ANS night -  Arashi no Shukudai Kun Episode 98 [20080825]. They tried out different dishes mixed with habanero pepper, and you know what that means: CHAOS, and DoS outbursts from Matsujun. HAHA. The poor boys can't stand spicy food, after all.

Aiba, got milk?

Laughtrip, there was even an "oasis" prepared for them, where they could cool down and have some milk to counter the spiciness :)) I have no idea at all who the guest was, haha. Would've been better to watch it subs, but who wants to wait, yes?

SPICY FOOD = Arashi down and out.  )
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The term is about to end, and so is my misery! All I have left is STATLIT finals, and an essay for News Writing. If I could get my article published in The Phil. Daily Inquirer's Young Blood, it's instant an 4.0! (That goes for everyone) Which is exactly what the doctor ordered, because I have too many absences to count. XD

Anyway, Tuesday night is my Arashi no Shukudai Kun night! Happy pills. YAY. Episode 97 = One of the most nosebleed episodes ever (AND I'VE WATCHED A TRILLION, OKAY. So I'm not kidding.)

Yes Nino, strip hiiiim!

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My 8pm class tomorrow is cancelled! Meaning, my next class would be News Writing, which is still at 4:30pm. Decided to catch up on an Arashi tv show, I haven't watched one in a long time. Caught Arashi no Shukudai-kun Episode #95 (let's keep going boys!). They didn't have any guests on. For the whole episode they just spazzed around, cooked, hypnotized Sho, made Sho do a backflip, antagonized Aiba, did card tricks, made nori tissue paper (as in they interlocked nori sheets together, like tissue paper, and put it in a tissue paper box. Then they took turns pulling out the nori sheets out of the tissue box, ala tissue paper! And they were all like, "Amazing!" WTF). AMAZING IS THE WORD... It amazes me how something that sounds so dumb when I describe it in text seem even dumber, and funnier, on screen. What will I do without Japanese post primetime programming, huh? Wahahaha I'm so hooked.

The sports idiot after a pseudo backflip.

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I just finished watching 21. (Thank god for Makati Cinema piracy. Too impatient for torrents. And oh! Bought Orange Days and Ai No Uta too. Catching up on some Jdramas.) Loved the movie. And my my my. Jim Sturgess! First Across The Universe, now this pheee-nomenal depiction of an impossibly good-looking M.I.T nerd. Or maybe I'm just really biased. Love him!!!

And Satoshi! Maou <333333 I can't wait to see him acting like a badass with nothing but revenge in mind. For him I will wait patiently for torrents of subbed episodes. Cannot wait for July! Ohno Ohno Ohno month. It can't come soon enough!

Fun day today. After TREDTRI, had lunch at Kikufuji with dad, sis, and bro. Nothing like my favorite version of chirashi. Then McDo randomness with Gel, Trish, Gra, Justin, and Jamie. Skipped NEWSWRI, went out for pizza with college loves since it's Abu's birthday. Will check out the local Hooters tom with them. HAHA.

Anyway. On to shameless fangirling.

Oh Ben Campbell you dork. Jim's role in 21. He can wear whatever and he'd still look hot.

In Across The Universe. If you haven't watched it yet...go watch!!!

Just my type of British dandy :DDDDDD

You're adorable!!! (He kinda looks like a plump Pacey, as in from Dawson's. Only dorkier. Love it!) Can't wait to watch Heartless.

But of course when push comes to shove, I'm still a sucker for my favorite Japanese pretty boy(s).
OHNO SATOSHI <3333 Found some new magazine scans on Chakay's Wordpress. Maou duo photoshoot!!! More please.

God. Does he look 27 to you? He sure doesn't to me. Ohnoooo I heart you. Toma on the right, looking cute too. If he looks familiar, that's because he was the guy who played the adorable Nakatsu on HanaKimi :D

Wow so pretty, Ohno.

But wait , I have to share these new Sho scans too. Thanks to Chakay again! (Move to LiveJournal na nga so you could comment!)

I do swear that he has the best lips ever. Manyak mode, but so what. HAHA. So sexy.


S-H-O. (Just in time, my iTunes is playing his single, Hip Pop Boogie. :D)

Newscaster / Keio U Economics graduate / popstar/ rapper/ can write well/ but is one bigass dork! I MEAN, how perfect can a guy be??? Marry me Sho Sakurai! MARRY ME! I'll just be here in the 3rd World Philippines, waiting for you. hahahaha. (That sounds so pathetic.)

I can't decide who I like better, Sho or Ohno. I've been going back and forth for months now. But who says I have to pick :D I love love love love Arashi. I LOVE!!! They are so adorable and addicting and entertainingly stupid at times and everything else! I can't stress this enough!

HAHA. Okay. STOP. My future boyfriend(s) might read this and think I'm a total retard/nerd. Which I unfortunately am, but they don't have to know the extent, now do they?

Anyway, that's that. I'm holding myself back from further flailing and dorking out :)) Goodnight!


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