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Well, been feeling a bit better today. My DLSU subjects dilemma is being sorted. Tonight was funny, my sister and I watched The Naked Kitchen. (Du-re is a character lifted from my own fantasies: impulsive, weird, artistic, indifferently skinny, talented, quite the fashion plate, and emotional. I want someone to sing to me in bad French in a parking lot basement too!)

My sister, who was watching me, got so depressed. She was complaining, " How come there's so little music in this film?", " How come it's so quiet?", "How come it's taking so long for just a simple shot!", "He's a passive idiot.", " Man, that's so depressing. Give me my Boys Over Flowers now!" HAHAHAHA. Well, my older sister is not lacking for brains or taste, it's just that she's never been into artsy-type films. (The Naked Kitchen wasn't even indie and was perhaps only slightly artsy, if only for the visual references.) She likes her visual entertainment produced for mass consumption and easy to digest. Not her fault. I mean, hey, I loved Boys Over Flowers too (HyunJoong I love you!!! But not as much as I love Matsujun and HYD), and I'll watch American Idol, etc. But I get more satisfaction from things that are not given to me on a platter, I like having to think. I love random references to obscure emotions, or obscure symbols--be it of an object, a person, an intellectual movement, and others-- of decades past. I love digging for other subtleties that might have escaped my initial's in finding those little touches, that sometimes turn to big realizations that have the power to change your outlook in life, that my appreciation for any art form (film, music, paintings, dance, etc.) stems and escalates from. 

But I digress, I mean, I have petty and objectionable (to snobby film and music afficionados, that is) tastes too. I like some things because I them. Not the way that I like Terry Reid's set of pipes, or Schubert, Mozart, The National, Kurosawa films, Goodfellas and Annie Hall, Lav Diaz's day-long obras, Margiela's aesthetics, Steven Meisel's campaigns, etc... nothing like that. Arashi is one of those things that I like, just because, and I won't ever say sorry for being a fan. I just love them, despite being the excessively popular J-pop boybanders that they are which they became thanks to sick and slick marketing schemes (which really work, all thanks to Johnny Kitagawa. It's either you hate or love his genius.) Liking them doesn't merit me any cool points, it just makes me sound like a crazy nerd. My friends can't get enough of teasing me about my "lapse of taste", and you'll laugh at how they groan whenever an Arashi song comes on when we're drinking or something, because my iPhone is on shuffle and hooked to some speakers.

Before Arashi, I never knew that I had it in me to be such a livid and obsessive fan of a Japanese boyband.  I never had a penchant for anything...Asian. I'm Asian, so I don't mean anything derogatory, but you get what I mean, right? But honestly, Arashi is the boyband to end all boybands. Backstreet Boys ain't got nothing on them, I swear. I mean, I've been a fan for more than two years now, I'm still not sick of them: they're that awesome. We all have our little weird obsessions, and they just happen to be mine :P But really, they are just dorky, genuine, and funny guys who also happen to sing and dance well too, so it's hard to diss them, and NOT love them, when you get to know them. They're such good friends, and it shows.


How can you not love them when they come up with bits of awesome, dork, and funny all the time, like Beatbox Arashi? I love them. I really really really do. And their songs aren't modern classics or whatever, but they have that uplifting and entertaining quality. :D

Which brings me to the point of this blog. My sister was so depressed after watching The Naked Kitchen, that she just wanted to watch random videos to get rid of the heaviness. I volunteered my treasure trove of a flash drive which is filled to the brink of anything and everything Arashi, all their shows, performances, random appearances, etc! So we watched some random videos, a little classic D and G no Arashi eppies, some Arashi no Shukudai Kun, a little VS Arashi, their funny Mecha Ike appearance last January where my sister said Ohno being bullied and thrown unceremoniously to the flour bed thing was so kawawa, read: pitiful. HAHAHA. Remember this?


She ended up liking Sho!!!!!!!!!!! He apparently doesn't give off that Captain Failboat vibe on first impressions.

It kind of helps that he's an Economics grad of Keio University (which is only kind of the equivalent of an Ivy League uni in Japan), and that he's a newscaster too. "A singer who's a newscaster???" my sister asked. YES, INDEED. HE IS THAT AWESOME. You have never seen a sexier guy explaining the rudiments of the Japanese economy.

And she likes Matsujun too, but that's like, a fucking given. I felt like I proud mama to the boys. I promise you, my sister has long scoffed at my Arashi obsession spanning for a couple of years now; her admitting that she likes a member is like...another tick on the chalkboard in favor of Arashi's current world domination plan, which they are doing, slowly. Wee.

Yes ShoxJun, make my sister a fan!

And when she becomes a fan of Ohno, I will be a true believer! (Not that I already am, it's just for added flair. HONESTLY, Ohno is almost always the last stop to a complete Arashi addiction. If becoming a fan of Matsujun is like trying marijuana, the gateway drug, then liking Ohno is comparable to the point that you're scroungeing in the slums or selling your body just to score a hit of coke or shabu... 
It's over. You're fucking hooked.
You're snorting it up your nose and getting injections and scoring through seedy people with pasty skin and mohawks.

(No, he doesn't have a weird chin, he was just demonstrating how he "disguises" himself from fans when he's in public. Yes...b-by thrusting forward his chin) BAHAHAHAHA! Funnier when you watch it, I swear. I SWEAR.




Umm, it's just that I kind of really, LOVE, him. Not as a crazy fan. (Well, that's debatable.) He's just goddamn entertaining, talented (the art exhibit! the dancing! the singing!) and not to mention cute. I love him. Even if he's pointless, most of the time. Even if he's a stoner. Even if he's just 5'5. (WHO CARES. COCO MARTIN IS 5'5ish AND I THINK HE'S HOT. HAHA) I don't want to say he's my favorite, all these 5 boys are just amazing. But I definitely have a soft spot for him. There's just something about him! And Sho ♥

Once you're hooked on Ohno, there is no going back, I feel it's just prudent to warn you. I'm big enough a fan as it is. For LJ friends who aren't fans, it's kind of hard to explain. It's like being a Trekkie, only at least when you're a Trekkie, other people know what you're obsessing about. Being a fan of an over-aged boyband group is something infinitely harder and trickier to explain.

This post, and my clumsy metaphors, do not do their general awesomeness justice, I would just like to say.

Sakurai Sho + Matsumoto Jun + Aiba Masaki + Ninomiya Kazunari + Ohno Satoshi = ARASHI♥ ♥ ♥  
(I know I hardly mentioned Nino and Aiba, but trust me, they're <3 <3<3 too.)

If you liked them just a little bit thanks to this blog, then do check out this PIMP POST. An old one, but still really funny and true nonetheless, you'll get what the gist of Arashi is about if you click the said nifty PIMP POST. Or you could just youtube them, it's the way to start out on this wonderful fandom! These boys are too funny and amazing to pass up on, you'll thank me in the future. Funny and amazing is a winner combo. If they debuted as comedians, they'd still totally sell because they're funny, more than anything else. Then it just hits you, they're also talented as fuck. And they're such good friends that you want them to just group-hug all the time (with you in the middle, if possible.) Trish, have I ever said my thanks to you? HAHAHAHA :D

I've rambled on quite a bit have I. Need to sleep, I will be ninang at Zozo's baptism tomorrow! Must not have eyebags. Last Saturday night before school starts again waaah! Shittttty. Will go out with friends, get drunk, and just go crazy...for on Monday, it's back to the hellhole. Be seeing you, Lasallians. 
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I might be five days late but....
Sorry Mac, it just cannot be helped.

THIS IS SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you common friend, whoever you are!

My two ichibans.

Ohno infecting everyone with his fishing disease!
Ohno looking so happy and relaxed in that tacky fishing vest whatever.
Shige's stupid, big, and nervous smile that makes him look like Matsujun.
Shige with Ohno!!!!!!

I'm certainly a happy fangirl today! I thought I was shaking off the whole Arashi thing (and my Shige crush) after two years. I haven't been watching anything Johnny's related for a couple of months because I was tiring of it. BUT THIS LITTLE VIDEO FROM [ profile] newshfan forced out the truth: I'm still hooked. ARASHI IS WORSE THAN DRUGS I TELL YOU. So is Shige. (But please, Shige, don't get addicted to fishing too, you'll get perpetually sunburnt like Ohno!)

I think I'll go watch my Arashi Around Asia 2008 in Tokyo DVD tomorrow. I haven't watched it because I felt like I was tiring of it (isn't it sad though, when you outgrow certain phases or obsessions?) But all is well, I haven't quite outgrown the boys yet. ;)  A stupid photo of Ohno fishing with his kouhai can still make me squeal, so I guess I'm not sick of Arashi. I've been hearing good things about the concert DVD, I shall find out tomorrow! Will watch it on our LCD TV, full volume, while I make love to Ohno and Sho with my eyes and singing. HAHAHA. Man I'm such a fucking geek.

And oh, in the video too, they showed Ryo bungee jumping! Pretty cool.

Bernice and I have been wanting to do this in Macau too! At the exact same place.
One day, I swear, I'll bungee jump from the Macau Tower too :D

You've got enough confidence as it is, without the bungee jumping, Mr. Ryo Nishikido. *snort*

I watched Wolverine too earlier today, in Glorietta (which has really become decrepit after the last time I saw it, months ago.) The movie was okay, I've never really been one for superhero movies. And Hugh Jackman's buff-ness scared me.The highlight of being in the cinema was getting to catch the Harry Potter trailer in full screen. I can't wait! I also saw some nice black flats in Zara, and a black sailor blazer. I shall come back to claim them soon, I swear. I miss shopping!  Can't wait to ukay again in Baguio before the school starts, vintage finds are more satisfying than buying in the mall. Even clothes are more fun when they have a great story behind them. ;)

And last na! I know it was released last year, but I only got to listen to it properly for the past few days (thank you summer idleness!): Sigur Rós's latest album, Með suð í eyrum við spilum endalaust, which according to means "with a buzz in our ears we play endlessly." The whole album is a ride, a different ride than all of their previous efforts. It's almost...happy. Well, not happy. Maybe jubilant, fresh, and epic are some of the adjectives I'm looking for. It just sounds different than their usual dreamscapes, and for me, it's a welcome change. I think I'll go lose myself in the album for a few days more. They are my Icelandic catharsis.

Also It also pleases me to no end that, for the album cover, they picked a photograph from Ryan McGinley's show, I Know Where The Summer Goes, which I really loved. It's just such a perfect match for the music! Maybe the image already preempted my love for the album, like somehow it was already a given that I'd love Með suð í eyrum við spilum endalaust. The series of photos was shown and presented around last year, I think. (The title of McGinley's show was derived from Belle & Sebastian's early B-side, isn't that cool? Thanks for that fun fact, Mats.) I remember not being able to get those pictures out of my mind because it all conveyed such a sense of freedom, of days when your legs are propped on the dashboard, you're on a roadtrip with your friends, the windows are down, and you're smoking a joint or two, god be damned if you are to be in any other place other than within that moment.

Compelling stuff, I'm still amazed at the whole lot of it even after a year of seeing it. I love his approach with the human body, and how he surrounds it with organic things. There's always that nuance of lightness in his photographs. And freedom. (Perfectly enough, just about the same feel with the Sigur Rós album.) Check out his other photographs at, you will not be disappointed. Anyway, that's enough word vomit for now. I am sleepy. :) Goodnight!


Feb. 12th, 2009 07:14 pm
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"Jun Matsumoto and Yui Aragaki will co-star in a new TBS drama series titled "Smile." Takayuki Takuma ("Hana Yori Dango") is handling the script, though he is using his real name rather than his usual pen name of Mikio Satake.

Matsumoto plays a half-Filipino
whose father has died and mother has disappeared. Despite his misfortune and the issues he deals with, such as race, he lives his life positively with a constant smile."

More information here thanks to [ profile] yuckie_chan

OMIGOD. Matsujun has another drama, and he's playing a half-Filipino!!!
Can't wait for this one, I wonder how he'll characterize himself in this role, I love that he's always evolving in every role he plays. 

In the meantime, I'm about to watch Uta no Oniisan Episode 3, before I tackle mountains of homework.
This episode looks like a winner again.
I just watched the first scene and... it's Ohno smoking.

It's not sexy on Oh-chan, nor is it cool.
It's just, unsettling. And funny.
I don't know if he really doesn't know how to smoke, or he's just trying to fake that he doesn't know how to
Because in the scene, he smokes it like a joint HAHAHA

Well, whatevs.
Smoker, druggie, both, or none of the above, I still adore thee

Boy you're cute.

Since I'm on a Japanese roll again, has anyone seen Vogue Nippon, March 20009? There was this one spread I absolutely loved. The Wild Orchid, photographed by Camilla Arkans.

Somebody ID this gorgeous frock of a dress for me, please!
Not that I can afford it, but more for my peace of mind. I must know

This particular picture is just super gorgeous
I love the orchids in the bathtub and the whole faded look of the picture.

It resembles this spread, Agua Caliente
Styled by Samuel François, and modeled by my current favorite muse, Coco Rocha!
(Who is, coincidentally, just 5 days older than me. Not that it matters. God, I wish that my name was Coco Rocha too. And that I had legs like hers haha)

It was love at first sight when I saw this spread.
Still one of my favorites!

I'm so in love with the pattern of this Paul Smith trench.
I saw this print on a big clutch, and I want it!

Anyway, enough of indulging in my random interests. Haha!
On to UtaOni episode 3!

Vogue Nippon March 2009 scans from [profile] foto_decadent 
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From this kind of hotness and intensity (Maou era last year)

To his new role of being a grouchy, rockstar-turned-children's show extra...
It's just... INSPIRED. 
I just watched the 1st and 2nd episodes of Uta no Oniisan
Ohno in an acorn suit is fucking ridiculous, and I can't get over it.

They did not just make an idol of his stature and his talent wear an acorn suit and roll around in it.
They did not just. 

Pissed acorn Ohno. (God I love this new drama.)

Well to move on from that.

I've been trying out different softwares and remedies in order to convert AVI to MP4, so that I could put vids on my iPhone.
There were a lot of freeware up on the net, but none for Mac that was free and/or efficient.
Then I found this tutorial at that could transcode formats within VLC, something that all Mac users probably have.

It's such a no-brainer.
Genius, I tell you. 

I can finally watch vids on my phone and not be bored on the way to Baguio, because seriously, I hate long travel time. Car, airplane, it doesn't make a difference.  If there's one thing I want invented stat, it would be a teleporter. Somebody go work on that, please?
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I woke up today around 5PM. I'm not kidding, my own mom called me an aswang when she saw me today, referring to my nocturnal alertness and consequent day slumber habits.  It wasn't even a vampire or something remotely cool, she called me an aswang. I laughed my heart out. I really do have bad sleeping habits, and the holiday schedule just exacerbates it. I can't even tell what day it is, it's all a blur of alcohol, festivities, gifts, and roadtrips. All that in the span of a week of freedom. This is the way to live.

Last night Lyle swung by and picked me up. We wanted to have an alcohol and party respite for one night this holiday season (because it's all going to be festivities of the eat-and-drink-till-you-drop-variety at least until after New Year), so we just decided to go to Alabang and pick up Claire. Instead of ending up at Ayala Alabang, we ended up at Susanna Heights. We missed the Filinvest Exit, bobo. HAHAHAHA. It was all because we were talking about Juday's rumored facelift, of all fucking things. Thank you Juday. But anyway we made it to Claire's, then we trouped out to Gourmet's at BF to get some yummy soft tacos. After we had our fill, we went back to Ayala Alabang and hung out at the park. Had a field day playing at the swings, monkey bars, etc, I haven't been on a playground in forever! Had fun running around and smoking at the top of the monkey bars hahahaha! Then we spent a couple of hours lying down on the benches at the basketball court, counting stars, and talking about random things. Laidback (not to mention sober, and penniless) night. I love it.

Anyway, Christmas Eve tomorrow! Nonstop food, family, gifts, and merriment until the New Year. Lets get it oooonnn.

P.S.: I love Yuichi Nakamura!!!! I watched this sucky movie, Taiikukan Baby, but he was totally outstanding in it, considering he was the object of the two other boys' affection. It's a movie about love between boys, but I just don't think it was done tastefully enough for any genuine emotion to come through. But Yuichi Nakamura was awesome as Shibahara Jun. Or maybe I'm biased. I think he's gorgeous. I'm watching Dokyuusei next, I want to watch more of his stuff. Any suggestions?

P.P.S.: Joongbo gone on We Got Married ;_; I AM SO SAAAAAD. Their break-up episode was so sad. Hyunjoong was at one point holding Hwangbo's hands, then she lets go after awhile, saying that it's too comfortable, she doesn't want to remember that. 

Ugh I'm never getting hooked again on a reality show, it feels 10x worse when it's a sad part.
So goodbye, WGM.
But I am looking forward to the Korean Hana Yori Dango, Hyunjoong as Rui!!!!!!!!! January 5, can't wait.

Two of, like, my biggest loves ever. Ever.

But I have got to say, I'll still choose Sho over Cristiano. In a heartbeat.
Check out [ profile] ghol88 's post about it here.
I will see you and your four gorgeous friends in Japan next year, I swear!
Arashi concert yay~!

Anyway, that's that. My last post for '08.
See you next year!

MERRY CHRISTMAS~! Eat and party hearty!
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In a comedy nonetheless.
I am so happy! Check out ghol88's lj for the video.
I also got the screencap from her. :)

DIES. That costume is so horrendous, it's perfect.

From Tokyograph:
After starring in the TBS drama series "Maou" last season, Arashi's Satoshi Ohno is back with his second starring TV role. This time, he will lead the TV Asahi comedy series "Uta no Oniisan," which will air on Friday nights at 11:15pm this winter. This is said to be his first comedy role, including his performances in film and theater. 

The story revolves around an unconventional children's show called "Minna de Utao!" Ohno plays Kenta, a young musician whose band breaks up and who gets dumped by his girlfriend. To top it off, his own family labels him as useless. Unexpectedly, he becomes an "uta no oniisan," a singing character on the children's show. 

The show begins filming on the 18th of this month and premieres on January 16.

But I do want him to get a lead role in a romantic drama next, so he can show off his acting range.
Suspense, comedy, then romance. HAHA. *crosses fingers.*

In other news. 
Our Harry Potter stageplay for literature class is done. 
I'd have to say, we pulled it off pretty well considering our low budget and time constraints. 
I was in charge of the costumes (so proud of it) & played the role of Narcissa, Molly, and one of the Inferi. HAHA.

in my Narcissa costume with muggles Lana and Bianca haha (earlybird audience)

CJ as Snape, Gel as McGonagall, Reginald as Dumbledore, A.R. as Slughorn

Dumbledore begging Snape, the killing scene

Justin as Ron, Rico as Harry, Michelle as Hermione

Kim as Umbridge. Best actress forever!

Jamie as the other Harry and Alex as the other Hermione

our production group.

Here's to one memorable term. Economics exams to go, and its the holidays for me!
Come to think of it, three more terms to go and I'm out of college!
Can't wait.

be my maou

Oct. 25th, 2008 03:59 am
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Ohno wasn't cute in Maou. He was fucking AMAZING. I can't believe his facial expressions, how it seems to convey so much with the slightest twitch of the mouth, the slightest change in his expression; Ohno, in all his Naruse/Tomoo complexity. I'm such a fan! If I used to be a crazy fangirl for O-chan, well now, he pretty much owns my soul. How can one person be a great singer/dancer/sculptor/illustrator/artist and a great actor all at once? 

Granted, he would have played Naruse better if he weren't so tan from all the fishing, devil characters are usually pale right? BAH. I WOULDN'T DEPRIVE O-CHAN OF HIS LOVE FOR THE SEA AND FISHING.

I keep on watching Ohno's solo concert performance of his butai song,  Deep Sorrow on Youtube- just to assuage my sadness that I finished Maou so quickly. The man is talent personified; oh how I love thee. And this song always gets to me. Check out the heartbreaking lyrics here, done by the awesome
[ profile] taijiproject .

AND OF COURSE, IT CANNOT BE HELPED! The PV for Maou's theme song, truth, by Arashi.
Hot hot hot Ohno. And everyone too. 
I love this dark look on Arashi! The whole song, the arrangement, the video, I love it!
I've been listening to this since it came out, and I'm still not sick of it.

I was reading in some forums that they were all surprised at Ohno's performance in Maou, surprised at his acting chops and how it's so opposite from his spaced out character on TV. I bet Joo Ji Hoon was amazing in Mawang (maybe I'll give it a go if I'm not so lazy, I did like him in Goong), but really, Ohno  has been honing his acting for so long already. Perhaps not in dramas, but butais (stageplays). I think they'd be even more amazed if they see a clip of him in a stageplay. Dramas are a different thing, but nothing he's not talented enough for. Riida's amazing. ;_;

And the whole drama itself, MAOU - it's definitely worth mentioning that the visuals were pretty amazing for a weekday drama. I'd love to direct or write a screenplay as well delivered as that. The plot twists, the perfect perfect perfect visuals and music soundtrack were just so...AMAZING. Everyone, download Maou's OST, by Hiroyuki Sawano! It was perplexing, and it had a sense of story. Candy for the ears (well, evil kind of candy. So much haunting music, and good guitar/orchestra renditions.) And the script! AMAZING. Seriously, I can't utter any other word than that. It kept me on my toes with the smart suspense that the script employed.

Toma played his role exceptionally too. I believed his anguish, which was pretty hard to portray in just 11 episodes. I was a bit iffy of all the screaming and running like a psychopath that he did...but then, like I said, I believed his anguish. I'm usually not a fan of dark dramas, but Maou was simply too good to pass up on.

It's one of those dramas that I never wanted to end. GIVE OHNO MORE STARRING ROLES IN DRAMAS, HE IS SO WORTH IT!!!!!!!!!


Yes, it's 4AM. Gieo, Marky, and Claire just left. I'm so happy that my weekend de-stressing pulled through: drinks with friends, and Maou marathon. It's certainly been a hellish midterms week, and I so deserved this day of doing what I want to do instead of what I have to do. 

And yes, Pattee, happy birthday! Thanks for treating us in Racks for dinner :] Maski I was super asartado. What's new. You all just love me that much, yes? HAHA.

Great day without any school shit to do. I'm sorry, ganyan na kababaw ang kaligayahan ko. I'm so happy.
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 Watched this the other night, and I know I keep saying this, but it was such a FUN episode. These boys kill me, really. The game for Aibaland (or should I say Aibarandooo) was straight out of Aiba's rainbow psyche! IT WAS SO FUN. And the boys all got embarrassed. Even Nino, the son of the devil himself. HAHA. 

And wow, 100th episode. These guys are amazing, they've reached the 100 show mark without doing anything significant on the show. They're all just inherently entertaining by themselves :))

I didn't watch it with any subs, but all their facial expressions was worth it. And I got what the game was about. I don't know if Aiba is crazy, or hella creative. 

Ohno all red and embarrassed, aww!

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It's Tuesday! You know what that means. ANS night -  Arashi no Shukudai Kun Episode 98 [20080825]. They tried out different dishes mixed with habanero pepper, and you know what that means: CHAOS, and DoS outbursts from Matsujun. HAHA. The poor boys can't stand spicy food, after all.

Aiba, got milk?

Laughtrip, there was even an "oasis" prepared for them, where they could cool down and have some milk to counter the spiciness :)) I have no idea at all who the guest was, haha. Would've been better to watch it subs, but who wants to wait, yes?

SPICY FOOD = Arashi down and out.  )
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The term is about to end, and so is my misery! All I have left is STATLIT finals, and an essay for News Writing. If I could get my article published in The Phil. Daily Inquirer's Young Blood, it's instant an 4.0! (That goes for everyone) Which is exactly what the doctor ordered, because I have too many absences to count. XD

Anyway, Tuesday night is my Arashi no Shukudai Kun night! Happy pills. YAY. Episode 97 = One of the most nosebleed episodes ever (AND I'VE WATCHED A TRILLION, OKAY. So I'm not kidding.)

Yes Nino, strip hiiiim!

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My 8pm class tomorrow is cancelled! Meaning, my next class would be News Writing, which is still at 4:30pm. Decided to catch up on an Arashi tv show, I haven't watched one in a long time. Caught Arashi no Shukudai-kun Episode #95 (let's keep going boys!). They didn't have any guests on. For the whole episode they just spazzed around, cooked, hypnotized Sho, made Sho do a backflip, antagonized Aiba, did card tricks, made nori tissue paper (as in they interlocked nori sheets together, like tissue paper, and put it in a tissue paper box. Then they took turns pulling out the nori sheets out of the tissue box, ala tissue paper! And they were all like, "Amazing!" WTF). AMAZING IS THE WORD... It amazes me how something that sounds so dumb when I describe it in text seem even dumber, and funnier, on screen. What will I do without Japanese post primetime programming, huh? Wahahaha I'm so hooked.

The sports idiot after a pseudo backflip.



Jul. 30th, 2008 10:44 pm
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I'll support you forever and ever, Riida!!! Got this from [personal profile] heartilly26, as a call of arms somewhat. This is a battle, fangirls! This is so dorky but I love, I repeat, LOVE, this picture of Ohno, so, works for meeee. Yes, I am a dork! There has never been a bigger one. And yes, I love Ohno Satoshi, pupunta ako sa kahit anong lupalop ng mundo para sakanya! (The black hair still sends me to spasms after well over a month of initially seeing it on him. He's so gorgeous and pretty and fluffy that it makes me want to cry in sheer gratitude to those who led me to the dark side of Arashi fangirlling. To think I used to be so contemptuous to my fangirl brethren before wahahahaha.)

(Aug 1) OMIGOD. OMIGOD!!!!!!!!! AND I CALL MYSELF A FAN. I'm so ignorant! I didn't know in what context all these other fans were spreading these support Ohno & Arashi stuff, I thought it was out of the blue, because I haven't been checking news about Arashi in awhile. And I just thought the picture was cute, so I posted the banner above.. Apparently, 3 or 4 days ago, it was the biggest news in Japan entertainment, or still is the big news. OHNO HAS A SCANDAL! :( In a publication some days ago, pictures of Ohno in a sleazy bar with 2 girls surfaced, one with him touching the girls, looking crazy drunk. The publication said that Ohno allegedly took marijuana, and had a threesome with those girls. @@ NOOOOO. Hell no this is not true!!!! I just got updated now that Ohno has apologized to his sponsors and work mates about the hassle the scandal is creating, he denies both allegations, and JE (the company that is handling his career), is standing behind him. Also the pictures were analyzed by those who photoshop a lot and they found out that the pictures were largely photoshopped. SO. SO. Argh. How dare gossip mongerers spread such lies about Ohno???? I mean, I know the dude's human. And he has his needs too. But spreading malicious stuff him about based on nothing factual is so nasty. Faking photos is nastier.

It's not that what he's accused of is such a big deal. I mean, in Hollywood going in and out of rehab is a normal thing for those celebs, nothing to be fussed over anymore; and an actual sex scandal over there with an actual video doesn't cause this much hysteria as just the fake photos and allegations against Ohno right now! And if ever he did marijuana, he's 28, who cares, I for one will hardly bat an eye regarding it. But the fact is, he denied it. He said he didn't do it. So as a fan, I believe that. I'm more shocked that people are being shaken by this. It's just gossip. I mean, we gotta believe more in him. I hate gossips!!!!! It makes me one angry Arashi fangirl- a recently developed facet of my personality that's both hideously dorky and not to be messed with, TRUST ME!!!!!

I support Ohno all the way. That's it, I just wanted to have my share of anger and indignation. I'll always be a faaaan.

Back to the real world.
God I need a boyfriend. HAHA. Or NOT. I'm still angreeeee and bitterrrrr. I need my fangirl alter-ego to forget the too real pains of my heartbroken reality. HAHA! Kidding. God how do I manage to make myself sound like such a LOSER. It must be a latent talent. O-ha! :))


I'm going crazy over fixing my classes for next term. I'm taking GENDERS, GREATWK, NTROPSY, PERSEF2, KASPIL2, INTOECO, ELECLIT, LASARE1. Redeeming factor, I might have some classes with Chelle, Marky, and Lyns. And Kim too. Then my ELECLIT, or literature elective, is J.K. Rowling's works. According to campus urban legend,  the professor for the said subject is such a Harry Potter dork that she wore those Harry Potter robes when she was lining up for the books. Again, she's a professor mind you. Mejo flip. :)) Pero it's a breather subject, and it sounds fun, so there. Who knew Harry Potter merited a literature elective already?

Anyway. Some things too look forward to: Cinderella stageplay starred in by Lea Salonga tomorrow at CCP, I'm dating with my mom and sister. We live for cheesy stuff like this. :) (And I'm cutting News Writing class for it so yay!) Then Friday night, JEMA party at Fiamma with college friends. I miss them! Can't wait.

Notice that I'm actually cheerful. How retro!
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Took this interesting personality online quiz from [ profile] hiponesa. Jei, nga pala, thanks for the invite in Multiply to view your U.P. magazine thingie :)

Apparently, I can be summed up in two letters: DI.

DI = Dreamy Idealist. Weh.  )
Anyway. I'm just putting off studying for POPCULT midterms on Wednesday. And I'm downloading Maou episode 1. I can't wait I'm so giddy over the prospect of finally seing Ohno in a series! Doing an EVIL CHARACTER, of all things. Looking so nosebleedingly good these days, Oh-chan. I want to cry. MAOU!!!! Lead role at that. Finally!!! :D This is gonna be so awesome. 10 mins more, I can finally watch it! XDDDDDD
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I just finished watching 21. (Thank god for Makati Cinema piracy. Too impatient for torrents. And oh! Bought Orange Days and Ai No Uta too. Catching up on some Jdramas.) Loved the movie. And my my my. Jim Sturgess! First Across The Universe, now this pheee-nomenal depiction of an impossibly good-looking M.I.T nerd. Or maybe I'm just really biased. Love him!!!

And Satoshi! Maou <333333 I can't wait to see him acting like a badass with nothing but revenge in mind. For him I will wait patiently for torrents of subbed episodes. Cannot wait for July! Ohno Ohno Ohno month. It can't come soon enough!

Fun day today. After TREDTRI, had lunch at Kikufuji with dad, sis, and bro. Nothing like my favorite version of chirashi. Then McDo randomness with Gel, Trish, Gra, Justin, and Jamie. Skipped NEWSWRI, went out for pizza with college loves since it's Abu's birthday. Will check out the local Hooters tom with them. HAHA.

Anyway. On to shameless fangirling.

Oh Ben Campbell you dork. Jim's role in 21. He can wear whatever and he'd still look hot.

In Across The Universe. If you haven't watched it yet...go watch!!!

Just my type of British dandy :DDDDDD

You're adorable!!! (He kinda looks like a plump Pacey, as in from Dawson's. Only dorkier. Love it!) Can't wait to watch Heartless.

But of course when push comes to shove, I'm still a sucker for my favorite Japanese pretty boy(s).
OHNO SATOSHI <3333 Found some new magazine scans on Chakay's Wordpress. Maou duo photoshoot!!! More please.

God. Does he look 27 to you? He sure doesn't to me. Ohnoooo I heart you. Toma on the right, looking cute too. If he looks familiar, that's because he was the guy who played the adorable Nakatsu on HanaKimi :D

Wow so pretty, Ohno.

But wait , I have to share these new Sho scans too. Thanks to Chakay again! (Move to LiveJournal na nga so you could comment!)

I do swear that he has the best lips ever. Manyak mode, but so what. HAHA. So sexy.


S-H-O. (Just in time, my iTunes is playing his single, Hip Pop Boogie. :D)

Newscaster / Keio U Economics graduate / popstar/ rapper/ can write well/ but is one bigass dork! I MEAN, how perfect can a guy be??? Marry me Sho Sakurai! MARRY ME! I'll just be here in the 3rd World Philippines, waiting for you. hahahaha. (That sounds so pathetic.)

I can't decide who I like better, Sho or Ohno. I've been going back and forth for months now. But who says I have to pick :D I love love love love Arashi. I LOVE!!! They are so adorable and addicting and entertainingly stupid at times and everything else! I can't stress this enough!

HAHA. Okay. STOP. My future boyfriend(s) might read this and think I'm a total retard/nerd. Which I unfortunately am, but they don't have to know the extent, now do they?

Anyway, that's that. I'm holding myself back from further flailing and dorking out :)) Goodnight!
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I just need roughly around 140,000PHP to go to the much awaited Japan trip next year, taking into account transportation costs, dining (yes I've looked into the restos I want to eat at), accommodations, tickets for this butai (stage play) that I must, I MUST, be able to catch when I'm there, tickets for Tokyo Disney Land, entrance fees for places like shrines and stuff, etc. That's not a bad amount to scrape together in less than a year, yeah? Of course, I need extra cash for some Japanese swag, read: shopping! In one of the most chicest cities ever. (I want the "Yohji" bag, a design of Yohji Yamamoto for Hermes. Prettyyyy) I am pee-in-my-undies excited.

But first off, must set up a trip to the Japanese Embassy to get a visa.

Then make sure I get tickets to the reason why I will be livid, livid I tell you, if I won't get to go: Arashi's 10th Anniversary Concert. I need to catch the Tokyo Dome leg of the tour, I must! Boybaaaaaaaaand love!!!! With no shame, I admit that this is my dorkiest obsession yet. Along with my equally fangirl friends.

Ohno Satoshi, how can you be this adorable/in-your-own-world/weird off-stage, and so sexy and magnetic when you're singing and dancing?

I must see your abs and hear your unbelievable vocal striations live!

Ohno. Song For Me, live.

Rain performed in one of Arashi's Tokyo Dome concerts.

Dork overload na ba. I don't care. I am so skipping a week from school. I am weak-kneed at the prospect.



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