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Yesterday I spent the whole day at Alabang with Claire, bored out of our minds. The day was gloomy, and it seemed extra gloomy in big ass Ayala Alabang, all the lonely-looking big houses. Watched some dvds, had coffee at ATC during the afternoon. Then Lyns, Marky, and Ber came over later on. We drank this 3 day-old juice and vodka mix (which fortunately didn't ruin our stomachs.) After midnight, I was supposed to follow Chelle at Better Living, but I had no ride. So I really had to take a cab.

For the first time ever, I got praning riding one. Like literally scared because the cab was super jittery; plus the engine had a mini breakdown when we were in the Filinvest turn, which was deserted at that time, 2 in the morning. The creepy taxi driver was telling me that the stalling of the engine was a normal thing, but it took him quite a while to finish fixing it. I think he was on the verge of asking me to push the cab so that it would be able to start but I was all masungit and angry (only because I was scared out of my wits already). It didn't help that the driver kept on saying the car was okay and it would make it all the way to our destination, and that he had a creepy laugh. I was holding my bag tightly the whole time, and my cellphone was in my hands, a number already punched in, all I needed to do was to press call if ever something funky happened.

Guess who's number I instinctively dialed. An ex is an ex, but it's weird how it's immediately him I would think of/thought of calling. He's reliable in situations like that, I guess (but not reliable enough to show up on barkada get-togethers/drinking sessions, eh?) Thank god it didn't come to the point that I actually had to call him.

I think I won't be riding any more taxis any time soon. @@

My mom and I stopped by The Spa, Bonifacio High today to check out if they had any new services/treatments. I've been craving for a whole day at the spa, it's been a year since my last one, when Chelle and I had a bestfriends spa day. HOW GIRLY COULD WE GET HAHAHAHA. So much fun.

But yeah, how does this sound:

Detoxifying Body Wrap
A regular systemic detoxification is essential to keep the body in tune. Leading marine-based French spa brand Phytomer's brown seaweeds, blended for their detoxifying action, are mixed into a fine paste and applied to the entire body. The skin absorbs active elements, with help from the soothing heat of a treatment blanket, to promote perspiration and the elimination of toxins.

Indian Head Massage
Indian Head Massage "Champimassage" springs from this rich massage tradition and has been practiced for over a thousand years. An invigorating scalp massage using Indian herbs designed to stimulate and release stagnant energy, balancing the chakras (energy points). (I love scalp massages! It's the most soothing area for me, plus I'm too ticklish for whole body massages.)

Honey Body Polish
Honey - the nectar of the Gods - This treatment begins with a salt scrub exfoliation to slough off dead skin cells followed by hydrating your skin with all-natural ingredients such as pure honey and milk. Soak in a warm bath and take relaxation to a whole new level!

(Random: Angel Aquino = awesome bone structure. As in bow down.)

Then finish it off with the perfect French tips from Tips and Toes! I AM SO CRAVING!!! I'll treat myself soon. Can't wait!


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