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Tonight officially ends my Cinemalaya week. Caught two films today, with Bernice, Trish, Gel, and Arik. Then Dencio's with Bernice. We were enticed by Namets! because Filipino food suddenly seemed like the ONLY food to eat after watching the film.

So all in all I watched Adela, Concerto, Brutus, 100, Ang Huling Pasada, Namets!, and Shorts B. Really loved Adela, Namets!, Brutus, and 100. Can't wait for the next Cinemalaya. Well, there's Eiga Sai '08 at Shang, next week, I think. Japanese films, here I come. How I wish there are film fests every week. Saya eh.

How cute was Christian Vasquez as Jacko in Namets! And nothing much can beat Sir Groyon's cameo towards the end, sipping that cup of coffee. (He made the screenplay pala. No wonder the film was so witty) But I must reiterate: I want a chef boyfriend! Pwede narin panadero. (I have a crush who bakes pandesal for a living after studying culinary arts abroad. Gourmet pandesal daw, whatevs. Panadero kung panadero. But he's so cuuute haha) WATCH THIS WATCH THIS! It's the trailer. It's so cute, and it's making me crave for some pastaaaa.

Sigh. Can't get over.
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Went yesterday with college friends to the opening night of Cinemalaya Film Festival 2008, at CCP. The festival circus theme and concert before the screening was a bit dubious. But had fun nonetheless. And it's nice to see that the crowd turnout every year gets bigger. Yay for Philippine indie cinema. Photos by Justin de Jesus, a friend of mine.

One of the dancers in the entrance.

Retro payaso.


Name the unmemorable band game.

The CCP lobby after the screening of Adela.

Spotted: Vince Groyon. The bitchiest and most brilliant video production prof ever. In red.

Justin, Trish and I while waiting for the screening.

Thoughts on Adolf Alix Jr.'s Adela )

Anyway. That's that. After Cinemalaya, we went to the Hooters at Mall of Asia for some dinner and ample bosom spottage. Yummy food. But why, of all days, did I have to wear a white tank that day? Thank god for Justin who made me borrow and wear his hoodie. Mapag-kamalan pa akong Hooters girl haha.


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