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Yesterday was a great eye-opening experience. I spent the whole day at ABS-CBN's News & Current Affairs department, along with Kat, Toby, and Kim.


(Excuse my laidback outfit because I thought I was running late.) It was all thanks to the connections of Ms. Marie Mamawal, our professor in News Writing, who also so happens to be an executive producer for some big news shows in ABS-CBN. We were able to watch the taping for Korina Today, a show hosted by veteran broadcaster, Korina Sanchez.

I wasn't able to take pictures during the actual taping because she was so ramrod sharp. I bet a little noise of any distraction would beget her ire. Korina was surprisingly smart and very quick-thinking, as opposed to my impression of her. I still don't like her style of interviewing on TV, but I've got to say that I have newfound respect for her. She's very in control and into the details, so those are cues that she is taking her job seriously.

During the pre-production at the office, the production team was calling up the guests to make sure that they were going to make it. Kim and I ALMOST DIED when we heard who was guesting. Basketball Team Captain of the "other" school, Chris Tiu!!!!!!!

I know he's from our rival university, but that guy is a freaking god. Although I have this hunch that in his perfection, he might be too boring. No thrill. But anyway, awesome basketball skills with those surefire jumpshots, and brains to boot still sounds good to me. And isn't he taking up Management Engineering or Finance with Applied Math... can't remember. It's some fangled math course.  And he has a TV show with Manny Pacquiao, which I just found out recently. Ateneo can legitimately boast of this guy (cos they can't much else. HAHA KIDDING.)  ANYWAY. IT WAS JUST SUCH A LETDOWN THAT HE HAD CLASSES. So he wasn't able to make it. Well it seemed too good to be true anyway.

What a total letdown. What was this humiliating and cheesy "A" pose for, in our blue shirts nonetheless?

(I swear the blue shirts was just a coincidence. I am from DLSU after all. Not that I'm much into the school spirit outside of basketball...but yeah.)

The guest turned out to be Chavit Singson. All I know about him was that he was involved in the jueteng whatever scandal before, with Erap. He's a governor or something. AND YEAH! Aiba (yes, Aiba from the addicting cult of rainbows and love, Arashi!) once visited Chavit Singson's house for Tensai! Shimura Doubutsuen eons ago. Chavit has this big estate in Ilocos, with tigers and all.

WATCH ADORABLE AIBA AND CHAVIT SINGSON PLAY WITH A TIGER! (I never would've thought that I'd ever say that sentence. HAHA)

Anything to segue into an Arashi-centric blog entry huh? HAHA. Well back to my real story. We were able to peek into the control room for the news shows, and it was crazy and tense in there. People were really shouting at each other, they were running around all over the place. But the whole thing was held together by the director, who from his seat barked out all the directions every second.

That's the director gut under the long light, in a blue shirt.

Another highlight of the day was when the three of us got interviewed for a segment of TALKBACK With Tina Monzon! It was beyond surreal. Too bad I can't get my hands on some clips. I got so nervous in front of the camera, which was unthinkable after all these years in college being in front of one. Somehow, it's different when you know it's going to be broadcasted in national television. There's always a first. I was on TV!!!! Good fun~

Blurry, but who cares. I love Kat! This was us hanging out in the office before the taping for Korina's show.

On a yosibreak (except Kat of course) outside the canteen area

SPOTTED: Cheryl Cosim, Ricky Carandang, Karen Davila, Bernadette Sembrano, Christy Fermin, Jobert (the gossipmonger himself), Kuya Kim and cutie Atom Araullo.

The whole thing yesterday reawakened my desire to be in the field of a journalist, to be in broadcasting, which was my dream since I was small. I was supposed to take up Journalism in U.P. but decided against it, after a year of taking it up as an elective in CSA. I found it tedious and lacking in imagination, and I duly got disillusioned with it, that's why I took up Communication Arts instead for uni. But admittedly, I can still feel the chills whenever I'm watching a broadcaster do his/her thing in the flesh. I felt it yesterday, while watching Korina. Who knows, maybe I might eventually end up in that direction (although I highly doubt it.)

UGGGH. BACK TO SCHOOL TOMORROW. One week sembreaks are cruel.


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