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Well, been feeling a bit better today. My DLSU subjects dilemma is being sorted. Tonight was funny, my sister and I watched The Naked Kitchen. (Du-re is a character lifted from my own fantasies: impulsive, weird, artistic, indifferently skinny, talented, quite the fashion plate, and emotional. I want someone to sing to me in bad French in a parking lot basement too!)

My sister, who was watching me, got so depressed. She was complaining, " How come there's so little music in this film?", " How come it's so quiet?", "How come it's taking so long for just a simple shot!", "He's a passive idiot.", " Man, that's so depressing. Give me my Boys Over Flowers now!" HAHAHAHA. Well, my older sister is not lacking for brains or taste, it's just that she's never been into artsy-type films. (The Naked Kitchen wasn't even indie and was perhaps only slightly artsy, if only for the visual references.) She likes her visual entertainment produced for mass consumption and easy to digest. Not her fault. I mean, hey, I loved Boys Over Flowers too (HyunJoong I love you!!! But not as much as I love Matsujun and HYD), and I'll watch American Idol, etc. But I get more satisfaction from things that are not given to me on a platter, I like having to think. I love random references to obscure emotions, or obscure symbols--be it of an object, a person, an intellectual movement, and others-- of decades past. I love digging for other subtleties that might have escaped my initial's in finding those little touches, that sometimes turn to big realizations that have the power to change your outlook in life, that my appreciation for any art form (film, music, paintings, dance, etc.) stems and escalates from. 

But I digress, I mean, I have petty and objectionable (to snobby film and music afficionados, that is) tastes too. I like some things because I them. Not the way that I like Terry Reid's set of pipes, or Schubert, Mozart, The National, Kurosawa films, Goodfellas and Annie Hall, Lav Diaz's day-long obras, Margiela's aesthetics, Steven Meisel's campaigns, etc... nothing like that. Arashi is one of those things that I like, just because, and I won't ever say sorry for being a fan. I just love them, despite being the excessively popular J-pop boybanders that they are which they became thanks to sick and slick marketing schemes (which really work, all thanks to Johnny Kitagawa. It's either you hate or love his genius.) Liking them doesn't merit me any cool points, it just makes me sound like a crazy nerd. My friends can't get enough of teasing me about my "lapse of taste", and you'll laugh at how they groan whenever an Arashi song comes on when we're drinking or something, because my iPhone is on shuffle and hooked to some speakers.

Before Arashi, I never knew that I had it in me to be such a livid and obsessive fan of a Japanese boyband.  I never had a penchant for anything...Asian. I'm Asian, so I don't mean anything derogatory, but you get what I mean, right? But honestly, Arashi is the boyband to end all boybands. Backstreet Boys ain't got nothing on them, I swear. I mean, I've been a fan for more than two years now, I'm still not sick of them: they're that awesome. We all have our little weird obsessions, and they just happen to be mine :P But really, they are just dorky, genuine, and funny guys who also happen to sing and dance well too, so it's hard to diss them, and NOT love them, when you get to know them. They're such good friends, and it shows.


How can you not love them when they come up with bits of awesome, dork, and funny all the time, like Beatbox Arashi? I love them. I really really really do. And their songs aren't modern classics or whatever, but they have that uplifting and entertaining quality. :D

Which brings me to the point of this blog. My sister was so depressed after watching The Naked Kitchen, that she just wanted to watch random videos to get rid of the heaviness. I volunteered my treasure trove of a flash drive which is filled to the brink of anything and everything Arashi, all their shows, performances, random appearances, etc! So we watched some random videos, a little classic D and G no Arashi eppies, some Arashi no Shukudai Kun, a little VS Arashi, their funny Mecha Ike appearance last January where my sister said Ohno being bullied and thrown unceremoniously to the flour bed thing was so kawawa, read: pitiful. HAHAHA. Remember this?


She ended up liking Sho!!!!!!!!!!! He apparently doesn't give off that Captain Failboat vibe on first impressions.

It kind of helps that he's an Economics grad of Keio University (which is only kind of the equivalent of an Ivy League uni in Japan), and that he's a newscaster too. "A singer who's a newscaster???" my sister asked. YES, INDEED. HE IS THAT AWESOME. You have never seen a sexier guy explaining the rudiments of the Japanese economy.

And she likes Matsujun too, but that's like, a fucking given. I felt like I proud mama to the boys. I promise you, my sister has long scoffed at my Arashi obsession spanning for a couple of years now; her admitting that she likes a member is like...another tick on the chalkboard in favor of Arashi's current world domination plan, which they are doing, slowly. Wee.

Yes ShoxJun, make my sister a fan!

And when she becomes a fan of Ohno, I will be a true believer! (Not that I already am, it's just for added flair. HONESTLY, Ohno is almost always the last stop to a complete Arashi addiction. If becoming a fan of Matsujun is like trying marijuana, the gateway drug, then liking Ohno is comparable to the point that you're scroungeing in the slums or selling your body just to score a hit of coke or shabu... 
It's over. You're fucking hooked.
You're snorting it up your nose and getting injections and scoring through seedy people with pasty skin and mohawks.

(No, he doesn't have a weird chin, he was just demonstrating how he "disguises" himself from fans when he's in public. Yes...b-by thrusting forward his chin) BAHAHAHAHA! Funnier when you watch it, I swear. I SWEAR.




Umm, it's just that I kind of really, LOVE, him. Not as a crazy fan. (Well, that's debatable.) He's just goddamn entertaining, talented (the art exhibit! the dancing! the singing!) and not to mention cute. I love him. Even if he's pointless, most of the time. Even if he's a stoner. Even if he's just 5'5. (WHO CARES. COCO MARTIN IS 5'5ish AND I THINK HE'S HOT. HAHA) I don't want to say he's my favorite, all these 5 boys are just amazing. But I definitely have a soft spot for him. There's just something about him! And Sho ♥

Once you're hooked on Ohno, there is no going back, I feel it's just prudent to warn you. I'm big enough a fan as it is. For LJ friends who aren't fans, it's kind of hard to explain. It's like being a Trekkie, only at least when you're a Trekkie, other people know what you're obsessing about. Being a fan of an over-aged boyband group is something infinitely harder and trickier to explain.

This post, and my clumsy metaphors, do not do their general awesomeness justice, I would just like to say.

Sakurai Sho + Matsumoto Jun + Aiba Masaki + Ninomiya Kazunari + Ohno Satoshi = ARASHI♥ ♥ ♥  
(I know I hardly mentioned Nino and Aiba, but trust me, they're <3 <3<3 too.)

If you liked them just a little bit thanks to this blog, then do check out this PIMP POST. An old one, but still really funny and true nonetheless, you'll get what the gist of Arashi is about if you click the said nifty PIMP POST. Or you could just youtube them, it's the way to start out on this wonderful fandom! These boys are too funny and amazing to pass up on, you'll thank me in the future. Funny and amazing is a winner combo. If they debuted as comedians, they'd still totally sell because they're funny, more than anything else. Then it just hits you, they're also talented as fuck. And they're such good friends that you want them to just group-hug all the time (with you in the middle, if possible.) Trish, have I ever said my thanks to you? HAHAHAHA :D

I've rambled on quite a bit have I. Need to sleep, I will be ninang at Zozo's baptism tomorrow! Must not have eyebags. Last Saturday night before school starts again waaah! Shittttty. Will go out with friends, get drunk, and just go crazy...for on Monday, it's back to the hellhole. Be seeing you, Lasallians. 

be my maou

Oct. 25th, 2008 03:59 am
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Ohno wasn't cute in Maou. He was fucking AMAZING. I can't believe his facial expressions, how it seems to convey so much with the slightest twitch of the mouth, the slightest change in his expression; Ohno, in all his Naruse/Tomoo complexity. I'm such a fan! If I used to be a crazy fangirl for O-chan, well now, he pretty much owns my soul. How can one person be a great singer/dancer/sculptor/illustrator/artist and a great actor all at once? 

Granted, he would have played Naruse better if he weren't so tan from all the fishing, devil characters are usually pale right? BAH. I WOULDN'T DEPRIVE O-CHAN OF HIS LOVE FOR THE SEA AND FISHING.

I keep on watching Ohno's solo concert performance of his butai song,  Deep Sorrow on Youtube- just to assuage my sadness that I finished Maou so quickly. The man is talent personified; oh how I love thee. And this song always gets to me. Check out the heartbreaking lyrics here, done by the awesome
[ profile] taijiproject .

AND OF COURSE, IT CANNOT BE HELPED! The PV for Maou's theme song, truth, by Arashi.
Hot hot hot Ohno. And everyone too. 
I love this dark look on Arashi! The whole song, the arrangement, the video, I love it!
I've been listening to this since it came out, and I'm still not sick of it.

I was reading in some forums that they were all surprised at Ohno's performance in Maou, surprised at his acting chops and how it's so opposite from his spaced out character on TV. I bet Joo Ji Hoon was amazing in Mawang (maybe I'll give it a go if I'm not so lazy, I did like him in Goong), but really, Ohno  has been honing his acting for so long already. Perhaps not in dramas, but butais (stageplays). I think they'd be even more amazed if they see a clip of him in a stageplay. Dramas are a different thing, but nothing he's not talented enough for. Riida's amazing. ;_;

And the whole drama itself, MAOU - it's definitely worth mentioning that the visuals were pretty amazing for a weekday drama. I'd love to direct or write a screenplay as well delivered as that. The plot twists, the perfect perfect perfect visuals and music soundtrack were just so...AMAZING. Everyone, download Maou's OST, by Hiroyuki Sawano! It was perplexing, and it had a sense of story. Candy for the ears (well, evil kind of candy. So much haunting music, and good guitar/orchestra renditions.) And the script! AMAZING. Seriously, I can't utter any other word than that. It kept me on my toes with the smart suspense that the script employed.

Toma played his role exceptionally too. I believed his anguish, which was pretty hard to portray in just 11 episodes. I was a bit iffy of all the screaming and running like a psychopath that he did...but then, like I said, I believed his anguish. I'm usually not a fan of dark dramas, but Maou was simply too good to pass up on.

It's one of those dramas that I never wanted to end. GIVE OHNO MORE STARRING ROLES IN DRAMAS, HE IS SO WORTH IT!!!!!!!!!


Yes, it's 4AM. Gieo, Marky, and Claire just left. I'm so happy that my weekend de-stressing pulled through: drinks with friends, and Maou marathon. It's certainly been a hellish midterms week, and I so deserved this day of doing what I want to do instead of what I have to do. 

And yes, Pattee, happy birthday! Thanks for treating us in Racks for dinner :] Maski I was super asartado. What's new. You all just love me that much, yes? HAHA.

Great day without any school shit to do. I'm sorry, ganyan na kababaw ang kaligayahan ko. I'm so happy.
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I skipped Human Art class today to go drinking with Trish and Kim. (It's really amazing how easy it is to blow off a class.) Crossed Taft. Settled comfortably at Plato. Sulit. Got bangenge with cheap alcohol at 2 in the afternoon and talked about the most stupid girly things. It sure beats listening to a long-winded lecture about Rococo architecture (aided by the oh-so advance technology that is the OHP.) Hecka beats.

A life without any boy(s)/boytoy(s) to speak of? How do I deign survival? HAHA. Well. It's new. But I've got to say, singlehood is not as terrible as it seemed to me just a few months ago. ME TIME. Absolute. I have ALL the time in the world to pursue the things I've always been interested in, but never had the time to pursue before because I always had someone to text, someone to attend to, someone to go on dates with, someone to do errands with, someone's family to get close to, someone to perpetually talk to, someone to generally think abot every waking moment. BOY. But subtract that from my life and what I have now is 1440 minutes free, every single day, mine to spend how I want to. So as you would think, that pretty much opens up a lot of possibilities. That said, I'm swearing off boys. For the moment (gotcha.) I'm just.....tired. Who knew just one boy could make me feel like a used-up 80 year old who wouldn't mind dying any moment? Pakshet. So screw that. I mean, god, he makes me feel so bitter, bitter bitterer then bitterest! I am BITTER off without him wahahaha. Shit I'm so not over him but what the heck! I am so blatantly screaming single. And at this time in my life, I think it's actually a good place to be, rather than being in some bitter limbo.

I am surviving because the littlest things make me happy. Like the details. Somehow I've forgotten that details exist ever since the deluge of boy tragedies... but I'm not a hopeless case. Let's just say I'm rediscovering some little pleasures that I've taken for granted these past years. SUCH AS

1) getting addicted to a TV series: Wow, the miracles of DVD. I could spend a whole weekend cooped up in my room watching a series! Gotta love that. I've been getting off on Grey's Anatomy and Heroes, McDreamy and Peter Petrelli! But I'm so digging Koreanovelas. And Japaneseovelas (okay I just knew that I couldn't force that). But yeah. I LOVE IT! Princess Hours. Hana Yori Dango. Hana Kimi. The extent of my "digging it" goes as far that I have a crush on a boy who wears polka-dotted shirts (that's the Korean guy), and another who sports a perm like its the most macho thing ever (the Japanese guy.) OKAY I ADMIT IT. I am so in love with Joo Ji Hoon and Jun Matsumoto! Puta shameless na to. Hahahahaha Trish its your fault for lending me all these Asian dvds crap you're making me a convert

One of the sweetest moments in the history of movies and dramas, evarrrrrrrr. I'm still kilig thinking about it!

THE BEST EFFING SCENE. Domyouji and his aviators being bitchy by the hotdog stand. If I were Makino, I wouldn't mind how RUDE the man is, if he's looking that fine, I'd jump him in an instant. Jun, I love you and your ridiculous perm and your bitch fits!

2) playing tennis: I MISSED IT SO GODDAMN MUCH. Coach Bobot is still a tyrant after all these years. And tennis is still as tiring. But I love it! I love the jock high, even though not an inch of me is a proper jock. Eww. I just love the powertrip...playing makes me feel so strong. Like I could punch out anyone, that's the feeling when I whack the fuzz out of the tennis ball. I love the feeling.

3) Mary Grace's ensaymadas: This comprises 3/4 of my happiness! I SWEAR! You have to it taste to believe. It's always been my favorite! Had it with my mom earlier at Serendra, along with the perfect cup of steaming Tsoknut Tsokolate. Fucking orgasm.

4) indulging my artsy "Comm-Arts" side: Enough said. But I shall expound. I recently got a new Canon digital SLR camera and I can NOT get my hands off it. Taking excellent photographs is so therapeutic. Uploading it into my laptop then seeing how pretty the pic really is in its million-pixelled glory is such a high. Then watching bazillion old films! I can spend every day watching films until I grow a beard. Just this week I watched Invasion of the Body Snatchers and Citizen Kane. You can't deny the power of the classics, babeh. And starting this Friday, omigod. CINEMALAYA at the CCP. Locally-produced indie films. And I ask you, WHO NEEDS BOYS??

5) going on "dates": I miss boy friends. Like friends na boy. (Dumb blonde moment forgive me.) Being single means I can hang out with my boy friends any time kahit gaano katagal and no one would rap on me for it! Love that. Sometimes having a boyfriend sucks, then you begin to crave for just boy friends. Burping, bastos stories, testosterone, their emo moments that they try to hide, checking out other girls, beer sessions... I miss it! I love spending time with boy friends and no one gets jealous. Yeeeah.

What else. But yeah, lots of little things that I appreciate.

I guess I'm still bitter (BITTER! BITTER! I hear Kriz screaming into my ear haha). But so what. I'm enjoying being single. Bahala na yung lalakeng yun. HAHA. Jun Matsumoto nalang. And I'm dead serious.

I heart you, Domyouji a.k.a. Matsumoto a.k.a MATSUJUN! I'm sorry that I thought you were gay at the start of Hana Yori Dango. :)) I ended up eating my words. I loved your acting! And you are so hot and pretty and cute, and definitely not gay! Unlike other people. UNLIKE MY EX. AHAHAHAHAHA. BITTER.

Okay. I'll stop embarrassing myself right......NOW.


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