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Oct. 25th, 2008 03:59 am
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Ohno wasn't cute in Maou. He was fucking AMAZING. I can't believe his facial expressions, how it seems to convey so much with the slightest twitch of the mouth, the slightest change in his expression; Ohno, in all his Naruse/Tomoo complexity. I'm such a fan! If I used to be a crazy fangirl for O-chan, well now, he pretty much owns my soul. How can one person be a great singer/dancer/sculptor/illustrator/artist and a great actor all at once? 

Granted, he would have played Naruse better if he weren't so tan from all the fishing, devil characters are usually pale right? BAH. I WOULDN'T DEPRIVE O-CHAN OF HIS LOVE FOR THE SEA AND FISHING.

I keep on watching Ohno's solo concert performance of his butai song,  Deep Sorrow on Youtube- just to assuage my sadness that I finished Maou so quickly. The man is talent personified; oh how I love thee. And this song always gets to me. Check out the heartbreaking lyrics here, done by the awesome
[ profile] taijiproject .

AND OF COURSE, IT CANNOT BE HELPED! The PV for Maou's theme song, truth, by Arashi.
Hot hot hot Ohno. And everyone too. 
I love this dark look on Arashi! The whole song, the arrangement, the video, I love it!
I've been listening to this since it came out, and I'm still not sick of it.

I was reading in some forums that they were all surprised at Ohno's performance in Maou, surprised at his acting chops and how it's so opposite from his spaced out character on TV. I bet Joo Ji Hoon was amazing in Mawang (maybe I'll give it a go if I'm not so lazy, I did like him in Goong), but really, Ohno  has been honing his acting for so long already. Perhaps not in dramas, but butais (stageplays). I think they'd be even more amazed if they see a clip of him in a stageplay. Dramas are a different thing, but nothing he's not talented enough for. Riida's amazing. ;_;

And the whole drama itself, MAOU - it's definitely worth mentioning that the visuals were pretty amazing for a weekday drama. I'd love to direct or write a screenplay as well delivered as that. The plot twists, the perfect perfect perfect visuals and music soundtrack were just so...AMAZING. Everyone, download Maou's OST, by Hiroyuki Sawano! It was perplexing, and it had a sense of story. Candy for the ears (well, evil kind of candy. So much haunting music, and good guitar/orchestra renditions.) And the script! AMAZING. Seriously, I can't utter any other word than that. It kept me on my toes with the smart suspense that the script employed.

Toma played his role exceptionally too. I believed his anguish, which was pretty hard to portray in just 11 episodes. I was a bit iffy of all the screaming and running like a psychopath that he did...but then, like I said, I believed his anguish. I'm usually not a fan of dark dramas, but Maou was simply too good to pass up on.

It's one of those dramas that I never wanted to end. GIVE OHNO MORE STARRING ROLES IN DRAMAS, HE IS SO WORTH IT!!!!!!!!!


Yes, it's 4AM. Gieo, Marky, and Claire just left. I'm so happy that my weekend de-stressing pulled through: drinks with friends, and Maou marathon. It's certainly been a hellish midterms week, and I so deserved this day of doing what I want to do instead of what I have to do. 

And yes, Pattee, happy birthday! Thanks for treating us in Racks for dinner :] Maski I was super asartado. What's new. You all just love me that much, yes? HAHA.

Great day without any school shit to do. I'm sorry, ganyan na kababaw ang kaligayahan ko. I'm so happy.
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Took this interesting personality online quiz from [ profile] hiponesa. Jei, nga pala, thanks for the invite in Multiply to view your U.P. magazine thingie :)

Apparently, I can be summed up in two letters: DI.

DI = Dreamy Idealist. Weh.  )
Anyway. I'm just putting off studying for POPCULT midterms on Wednesday. And I'm downloading Maou episode 1. I can't wait I'm so giddy over the prospect of finally seing Ohno in a series! Doing an EVIL CHARACTER, of all things. Looking so nosebleedingly good these days, Oh-chan. I want to cry. MAOU!!!! Lead role at that. Finally!!! :D This is gonna be so awesome. 10 mins more, I can finally watch it! XDDDDDD
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I just finished watching 21. (Thank god for Makati Cinema piracy. Too impatient for torrents. And oh! Bought Orange Days and Ai No Uta too. Catching up on some Jdramas.) Loved the movie. And my my my. Jim Sturgess! First Across The Universe, now this pheee-nomenal depiction of an impossibly good-looking M.I.T nerd. Or maybe I'm just really biased. Love him!!!

And Satoshi! Maou <333333 I can't wait to see him acting like a badass with nothing but revenge in mind. For him I will wait patiently for torrents of subbed episodes. Cannot wait for July! Ohno Ohno Ohno month. It can't come soon enough!

Fun day today. After TREDTRI, had lunch at Kikufuji with dad, sis, and bro. Nothing like my favorite version of chirashi. Then McDo randomness with Gel, Trish, Gra, Justin, and Jamie. Skipped NEWSWRI, went out for pizza with college loves since it's Abu's birthday. Will check out the local Hooters tom with them. HAHA.

Anyway. On to shameless fangirling.

Oh Ben Campbell you dork. Jim's role in 21. He can wear whatever and he'd still look hot.

In Across The Universe. If you haven't watched it yet...go watch!!!

Just my type of British dandy :DDDDDD

You're adorable!!! (He kinda looks like a plump Pacey, as in from Dawson's. Only dorkier. Love it!) Can't wait to watch Heartless.

But of course when push comes to shove, I'm still a sucker for my favorite Japanese pretty boy(s).
OHNO SATOSHI <3333 Found some new magazine scans on Chakay's Wordpress. Maou duo photoshoot!!! More please.

God. Does he look 27 to you? He sure doesn't to me. Ohnoooo I heart you. Toma on the right, looking cute too. If he looks familiar, that's because he was the guy who played the adorable Nakatsu on HanaKimi :D

Wow so pretty, Ohno.

But wait , I have to share these new Sho scans too. Thanks to Chakay again! (Move to LiveJournal na nga so you could comment!)

I do swear that he has the best lips ever. Manyak mode, but so what. HAHA. So sexy.


S-H-O. (Just in time, my iTunes is playing his single, Hip Pop Boogie. :D)

Newscaster / Keio U Economics graduate / popstar/ rapper/ can write well/ but is one bigass dork! I MEAN, how perfect can a guy be??? Marry me Sho Sakurai! MARRY ME! I'll just be here in the 3rd World Philippines, waiting for you. hahahaha. (That sounds so pathetic.)

I can't decide who I like better, Sho or Ohno. I've been going back and forth for months now. But who says I have to pick :D I love love love love Arashi. I LOVE!!! They are so adorable and addicting and entertainingly stupid at times and everything else! I can't stress this enough!

HAHA. Okay. STOP. My future boyfriend(s) might read this and think I'm a total retard/nerd. Which I unfortunately am, but they don't have to know the extent, now do they?

Anyway, that's that. I'm holding myself back from further flailing and dorking out :)) Goodnight!


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