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Watched the ending of Slumdog Millionaire for the nth never gets old. Just got back home. Baguio was charming and lovely and pleasantly chilly. Andrea, Trish, Alex and I felt like total hippies; we spent all our trip just walking around to get around the city while lugging around our DSLRs, a tripod, and that huge Sony VX camera that is your face. And I must say, not having a car is freeing. Baguio is better appreciated on foot. (Well, except for the far-flung haunts)

In. Your. Face. (Alex looks so much like a legit filmmaker)
People kept on staring at the VX hahaha
We were really feeling indie (Feeling lang?)

Get the look: Alex the smartie filmmaker, Ands the boho, Nina the goth (well, my outfit was), and Tricia the Asian hahaha!

Andrea is my other bohemian half and we just loved sitting and loitering under the trees.
We stopped short of reading poems and hugging tree trunks.
But we were there at that point, almost

Pretty flowers at Camp John Hay.

When the heavens opened up and embraced us into its arms.
Strawberries, strawberry icecream, strawberry preserve, whipped cream = kasalanan.

UKAY UKAY! Tricia the Ukay Queen. Uncontested.
Ukay ukay = smelly and dusty treasure trove. If you look hard enough.

Session Road at night is such an interesting place to be. We fell in love

Cutie Trish and Alex

Nightcap at Zola, along Session Road

We were super feeling hobo filmmakers and artistes, haha. Alex & Trish had to film some sights and sounds for their Documentary Film class; Andrea and I had a field day (well, weekend) just taking pictures at our own leisure and ukay-ing our hearts out. Asides from many pretty old tops and unique finds, I scored a black Chanel Rock & Chain bag with a patent leather flap. I don't usually go for Chanel bags, but this one was so motorcycle/rockstar ready. A steal for 2300 bucks.

(Excuse my girly sheets and the lens cap.) Isn't she a beauty? And it's not a purse type, it's really big.
The back and the sides are quilted *insert sigh* It's so touch-chic that I don't mind the two big Cs in front.
Andrea got a pretty LV too.

I love Baguio! Even the people felt so indie and walang pakialam. It must have something to do with living so near the clouds... I want to go back. I had such a great weekend, only to go back to school tom. Well, here's one more picture for the road, taken at our hotel room.

Yes, pretty much.


Sagada last week of February, next trip! :DDD
Well, I''m not sure since that entails hiking and all other matters of exhausting physical endeavors, so...
Pero pwede. Hmm.


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