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I was (still am) exhausted out of my wits. Yesterday was a perfect day of sorts.

5:30am to 4pm: Trish and I went to a tree planting in Bulacan, sponsored by CSB's campaign, One Million Trees.

SO MUCH GREEN SPACE. We hiked beyond that forest then planted trees half of the day, mostly in muddy uneven ground or spots with chest high reeds!

What an experience. But the feel of soil on my hands was truly touching...something about it is moving. And the high that you get after planting one tree... wow. I planted about 20 saplings so it felt pretty good. I'm sure to do this again.

Bad shoe choice. Poor Chucks! Next time I'll wear waterproof boots! (like the ones security guards use or something.)

I don't know about you, but trees take my breath away. The older, the mangier, the better.

Yay for cheesy group pics!

Trish and I at the bus, tired but definitely satisfied. :)

4pm-6pm: Ride home. Slept for a little bit. Got home. Took a bath.

6:30-8pm: Picked up Bernice and Sari at Magallanes. Prayed through traffic that we'll make it in time. Laughed at Bernice's giddy antics. (She's the BIGGEST fan I know.)

8pm onwards: Arrived in Araneta. Had a total blast. LIFEHOUSE LIFE IN MANILA, BABY!! We had VIP seats, center aisle, just about 2 or 3 meters away from Jason Wade. And when the concert started we ran to the front.

Ber and I are EXCITED (well, Bernice was 100x more excited, but I was too, hahahaha)

He is intense live, like you wouldn't believe. And from our view, you could see his brooding gray eyes, and when his gaze roved over us...holy F. I always thought he was boyband-ish but my my my... HE'S SO HOT!!!!!!! Great performer. My favorite performances were Broken, From Where You Are, and Whatever It Takes.

53KRKJ239@#$RKSKLJDF. Those eyes. Gahhhhd.

The new guitarist dood. I don't even know his name but this pic is so energetic. Love it.

One more Jason pic because he is the shizzz. (I've gotten over my I-want-a-chef-boyfriend phase and am now back two steps behind: sensitive rockstar boyfriend. HAHA. On the way home, Ber and I were talking on and on about Jason & his surprising intensity and sensitivity live. Major hangover mehn)

After the concert we had a nightcap at Starbucks and mused giddily over the concert. Here's to a day of being a green thumb and getting to catch Lifehouse live. Awesomeness. Sana ganun nalang araw araw.


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