Dec. 20th, 2011

☼ My friends literally brought the party to me last Saturday, since I'm still not allowed to go out if it's not extremely important because of the operation. They brought food and booze to my place, and we had our annual Christmas party - complete with costumes and everything! I didn't drink though, I'm still not allowed to. This is probably my first holiday season in years sans the booze...let's see how I fare. Anyway, everyone also came in costumes, so it was fun - I was Santa's little helper. Pictures next time, maybe? Had a great time. (Perhaps I enjoyed too much because I ended up getting a fever. Yikes. Mom is furious.)

☼ Really happy about Arashi winning those awards for their DVD and album releases, btw. I'm not the type to care much for awards and they've never influenced my love for Arashi, but I think this time around, they really deserved it. Beautiful World, which I pseudo reviewed, is a great album, and their concert DVDs, for me, are still unmatched. I'm happy that I can still honestly say that I still listen to Arashi and that I genuinely like it. Seriously, remove Arashi from my music collection (+ other JE songs) and you wouldn't even think that I'd be someone who would be inclined to listen to Japanese idol music. The fact that their songs still resonate with me assures me so much. Even though I'm spending "time away" from Arashi in a sense, they're never too far away in my heart. Arashi = home. 

...okay, that was all via WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS CHEESE. Anyway. 

☼ Random SMAP thoughts: If I were a fan of SMAP in the 90s, I would totally have been a Goro stan. IT'S THAT GODDAMN AERODYNAMIC HAIR WAVE + 90S GET-UPS, I'M TELLING YOU. And probably that unexpectedly teensy cutesy voice too. Ugh. ♥ And yeah, just watched Tsu's 3-hour Plant Life SP. Well hello abs. Tsuyopon, how do you have such an amazing body underneath all that...adora-blur-ness? Half-naked Tsuyopon does nothing to help me in my efforts of repelling his atrocious attractiveness. Also, he is so nice. If I had to eat only grass for three days, no, if someone merely suggested that I eat only grass for three days for the entertainment of other people...I'd flip. He was so cute about it too, even wearing that all-green outfit all throughout and being friends with a llama. How does he exist??? ALSO, AKB48/SMAP Christmas collab was cute! I literally don't have exposure to AKB but SMAP was adorable. Nakai didn't even try to pretend he was singing, he was just trolling everyone enjoying himself. SMAP, why am I so in love? Someone answer me!

☼ I'm compiling my 2011 Highlights playlist. I always make one every year, it usually has fifteen songs or less that represented the whole year, songs that when played in the future, would remind me exactly of the things that happened in that certain year. I'm quite a stickler about it so it usually ends up to be quite a taxing task that I nevertheless enjoy. It's totally mainstream but my shoo-in for first place this year is Avicii's Fade Into Darkness. This was the song blasting all those epic and not-so-epic nights of this year, and it never failed to pump me up! 2011 doesn't get much better than this song. I still feel like slitting myself silly for missing out on his one-night gig here in Manila! SO MUCH ANGER. Great timing to grow painful tumors, ovaries. I mean, really.

☼ Ah, I have a migraine the size of a rhino. Gonna sleep it off. Excited for Christmas! Mainly for the food, I'm predictable like that.



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