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School's out until the 14th, following the protocol 10-days quarantine after a discovery and confirmation of A(H1N1) case. Apparently, it's a foreign exchange student. Hope she's fine. It's just unbelievable how something that seems so far away can be so...near. Like in my own school!  (Not that I'm callous, it just seems like the impending pandemic is worlds away from where I am, even if there have been cases in the Philippines. And I didn't really go out of the country this summer, so it wasn't really a worry)

I was dismissed around 4:10 from my GENDERS class, braved the rains and went to Agno for a smoke with Dawn. Then it was announced that classes were suspended. Brother and I left school, went for some McDonald's drive-thru cos we haven't had lunch. Then came the barrage of texts saying that classes in DLSU are suspended until June 14th because of the A(H1N1) case. CRAZY. Friends from other schools are saying how cool it is...but man. That's really scary. Imagine a pandemic brewing right at your own university, at your second home. :|

On the lighter side of things, we can delay the thesis panic a little longer. HAHA. Okay. That was callous. 

Trish is brewing up a plan to go out of town next week since we don't have classes. Yes, what did I say about not being callous? HAHA. Oh well. I hope this blows over quickly and that the exchange student will be fine. Sincerely!


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