Jan. 27th, 2011

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Fashion is a drug. One that I won't disgrace by a cut. 

Junya Watanabe Fall 2011 menswear is a pastiche of preppy college boy, New England elements, a touch of homeless bum, and sartorial touches from other eras and looks that just plain worked. To be completely honest, boys wearing Junya Watanabe has always unfailingly made my knees weak. Unfailingly. It's just that this collection was a notch better than the normal, which is quite a feat! If I had a boyfriend, and he had thousands of dollars to dispense willingly, this would be his wardrobe for the next year or so (combined with the collections of Lanvin and Ann Demeulemeester, which I loved as well!) Yes, I'm a touch delusional, we've established that.

It's so kooky, functional, luxurious, and witty all at the same time; I'm so enamored!


00110m 00170m
Pants with awkward lengths are such a go in my book!

00190m 00200m

00220m 00230m
I admit that I have a little bit of a crush on this guy on the left, it's the earrings and the contrast of his badass hair and features with the whimsical clothes. I love the gap!

00240m 00250m
A guy wearing the outfit on the right is someone whom I'd hold hands with proudly, lol. WHERE TO FIND BOYS WHO DRESS UP LIKE THIS (IN ITS TROPICAL COUNTERPART, OF COURSE) THAT AREN'T GAY? IN THE PHILIPPINES? *stress*

00260m 00370m

00410m 00430m
I faint. Really. Junya Watanabe is just one of those designers that understand clothes on a different plane. 

Also, doesn't the collection frankly remind you of a certain boy named Aiba Masaki? He has an eye, that Aiba-chan. Three things I love the most about Aiba: his taste in clothes, his singing voice, and his god-forsakenly criminal dimple. Yes.

It's that time of the year again: haute couture in Paris! Remember the awe-inspiring and timeless collection inspired by Frida Kahlo, with the spines, bone zipper pulls, fringes and all, that Riccardo Tisci whipped up for Givenchy last year? I blogged about it here in my usual embarrassingly gushing way when it comes to Givenchy. Well, it seems like Riccardo Tisci has done it again. His inspiration this year was the Japanese Butoh dancer Kazuo Ohno (Ohno, heehee), and of all things, Gundam robots. If that sounds slightly irreconcilable or downright pretentious, Riccardo Tisci is the one person who can merge the two disparate ideas and deliver it with so much attention to craft, passion, and genuine intention that it hurts

Also, all-Asian models! 

01m 02m
The robot-inspired headgear is by the legendary Philip Treacy. (Please let me not see these babies on Lady Gaga! Please.)

03m 04m
I love the injection of color into the garment

07m 08m
Ohno! Gundam robots!!!

09m 10m
What 4000 hours of handmade labor looks like.

15m 16m
Ai Tominaga!!! 

19m 20m


Art. Nothing more, nothing less.

 Male models. Male models fooling around, singing a song by The Dandy Warhols, and looking good. This video is so fun and infectious and dripping with eye candy of different persuasions, races, style, and looks! A girl can't ask for more, seriously. I can't help but sing along!

Boys of Milan & Paris FW2011 from Justin Wu on Vimeo.

 I'm still waiting for my BNMF DVD. WHERE ARE YOUUUUU I HAVEN'T OPENED MY F-LIST IN DAYS BECAUSE I DON'T WANT SPOILERS HUHUHU HOW ARE YOU F-LIST! ALSO, BELATED HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SHO!) Sorry to end my post on a demented note, I just can't wait to watch the damn thing. 


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