Sep. 1st, 2011

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I miss this Travis song! Perfect for this post.

We're here and now is fine
So far away from there and there is time, time, time
To plant new seeds and watch them grow
So there'll be flowers in the window when we go

"What to do with a four-day weekend?" has never been a hard question to answer when it comes to me and my friends. Obviously, it means just one thing: ROADTRIP!!! My knees go absolutely weak for the call of the open road. I love the feeling of hunkering down comfortably inside a car with my closest friends, arguing about what song to play, witnessing the road blend into a montage of mundanely beautiful scenery that will only leave the slightest impressions - what I felt at the time would be what I will end up remembering instead.

Our hearts set on getting away from Manila (because we are all heavily afflicted with wanderlust and secretly hate living in the urban jungle that we were born to), we decided to take a drive down to a friend's beautiful vacation house in San Nicolas, Batangas. It rests right by Taal lake, in the middle of which is the world-famous Taal volcano. One can also view Mt. Maculot in the distance. The weather was quite gloomy as the four-day weekend was on the tail-end of a tropical depression, but it was actually cozier that way. Nothing beats the sound of light rain pattering on the ground with the view of a lake and a volcano soothing your nerves.

It was a weekend filled with nothing but random fooling around with friends, blowing up bubbles, eating up some of our favorite childhood snacks (Taquitos, Piattos, Cheesy Lumpia Shanghai, Tortillos, iced-gem biscuits, etc!), picking fresh lilies from the lake, playing kid games like "Pizza, pizza, pizza hut! How many pizza's did you eat last night?" (raise your hand if you know that game!) There was also rubbing tacky, fake tattoos on each other, being competitive about who lasts the longest underwater, grilling fresh tilapia from the lake and coupling it with ensaladang talong, endless frisbee-ing, and drinking while laughing about the old times and other stuff (which may or may not include drunken imitations of a ballet-dancing crab. Don't ask.)

Claire's siblings came down from Manila on the second day to join us; they have the most adorable kids ever! It was so much fun playing in the inflatable pool with darling Mattie and Gab, plus cooing all over the two-month old Alex. My friends and I are such suckers for kids, seriously. Maybe it's because we never grew up, not really? ♥

I didn't bring my huge cameras this time around because I wanted to be relaxed and not always itching to snap photographs, but somehow, I still couldn't resist. Thank god for the iPhone!

IMG_1186 IMG_1187
IMG_1188 IMG_1190
IMG_1205 IMG_1208
IMG_1210 IMG_1212
IMG_1218 IMG_1206 IMG_1238
IMG_1220 IMG_1224
IMG_1228 IMG_1233 IMG_1281
IMG_1235 IMG_1236
IMG_1237 IMG_1245
IMG_1253 IMG_1248 IMG_1259
IMG_1261 IMG_1264
IMG_1269 IMG_1271
IMG_1276 IMG_1278
IMG_1279 IMG_1214

Lovely weekend! (And to think I wanted to stay home so that I could nerd out on Pottermore.)


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