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Food spam mode! Why does eating always make me happy? *sobs* I haven't posted food spam in three months, I think, so I've got quite a bit (even after sifting through it a little.) Maybe you might want to scroll down really quickly if you're super hungry? This post is gonna get pretty hateful if read on an empty stomach. Don't say I didn't warn you! :D

Everything that follows is the reason why I'm going nuts busting my guts at the barre (Plana Forma), studio (yoga), and courts (tennis). Sadly, there's always a price to pay. Love food = must exercise.

It's worth it, though!

Breakfast of champions: tuna, cherry tomato, pomelo salad with Yakult and a tall glass of water! (and National Geographic for some idle morning reading)

The best, the best, and I mean the best, halo-halo on the planet from Razon's, scrumptious Hayashi burger steak with rice and gratin from UCC (Nino, I see you salivating!) Also, wine platter from Barcino (Chorizo Bilbao, Jamon Serrano, Fuct Extra Manchego Queso, Ensadilla Rusa, Chorizo Pamplona = YUM!)

Burger from some stand in Mercato (which had peanut butter, and seriously, why don't people put peanut butter in burgers more often? It was sensational,) pesto fries from Mercato as well

CASA MARCOS IS ONE OF MY FAVORITE RESTAURANTS, EVER. Manila people, do me a favor and dine there, please. You won't regret it. The restaurant is pretty well-known in food circles for their Castillan fare, and it's not surprising, because they have had a loyal following since 1945. What can I say, great, heartfelt food never goes out of style (or business, for that matter.)

They serve unlimited pandesal, and man, they're good. They always serve it piping hot; it's crusty outside and so soft on the inside! They also have the best gambas in town. Also, you can't go wrong with their steak and their paella. HEAVEN ON EARTH.

Cyma's home-brewed iced tea, one of my favorite salads (fresh arugula, chopped Romaine lettuce, sun dried tomatoes, candied walnuts, served with shaved Parmesan in traditional Greek vinaigrette *slobbering right now*), and their godly paidakia, which is tender char-grilled lamb ribs served with rice-stuffed peppers.

Seafood fettucini ala diablo and adobo at Krazy Garlic. Reasonably good food, ugly interiors. The interiors bothered me too much, though. (And because I'm finicky like that, the name as well. Krazy? Ugh.)

Miso ramen and okonomiyaki (super yummy!) at Jipan

I can't tell you guys just how much love I have for Army Navy. Great, greasy food for cheap. Love! Iced tea, cheese quesadilla, Freedom fries, steak burrito.

Had dessert at Dirty Yogart. Had plain yogurt with Chocnut bits, mmm. Really good, but I couldn't help but think of it as a glorified McFlurry, lol

Oldies but goodies: Shakey's! Haven't had Shakey's in years. Mushroom soup, fried chicken and mojos (still super good!), and a shrimp/mushroom thin-crust pizza. Caramel machiato and iced black tea afterwards.

The restaurant that will never go away in my food spams: Cibo! Iced tea (I think I'm in an iced tea phase, yikes), crema di zucca with pancetta (summer squash, cream, bacon = trilogy of greatness), my go-to sandwich: verdure tartufate (arugula, zucchini, fontina, and mushroom-truffle paste), spinaci zola dip, and as always, extra order of chips!

Happy hour at Dillingers. Their cheese omelette with hash browns are super good.

Random dinner at New Orleans. Mountain Dew, squash soup, fresh oysters, black and gold oyster pasta (which tasted really weird on top of garlic overload.) The only thing I loved was the red velvet cake for dessert.

Sunday lunch at Sonya's Garden. Freshly-squeezed dalandan juice, all-you-can-eat salad (just from that, I'm sold! I love salads; the more rabbit food-esque, the better.) The pasta and rosemary chicken were so-so, but I loved their tea. They serve tarragon tea after lunch and oh god, I was in heaven. I was so delighted to find out that they grow their own tarragon and they sell it as well!

Burger at Bugsy's with potato wedges. But the tastier part were the countless Patron XO Cafe shots we had through the night. You know what they say: God bless the women who can hold their Patron! :D (But seriously, XO is super yummy, coffee + Agave tequila is a glorious, glorious combination.) It was a fun night, which surely showed up in our bill, but whatever. Like my friend said, don't do drugs, do XO. HAHA

Cheapo dinner at Marina. Crispy crablets, baked scallops, baked oysters, and chicharon bulaklak. My poor heart is raging against all that cheese and deep-fried goodness, but what can I say? So yummy!

Last night's damage: Linguine Al Tris di Formaggio Salsa Tartufata at Cibo, then __ rounds of Tanqueray with Red Bull. Mmmm!

Also, leaving this track here because it's just too damn smooth and so awesome for cruising down the streets. Haven't stopped listening to it for a month (was on a 'Underneath The Pine' withdrawal!) Chillwave or not, fuck it; good music transcends genres, anyway. Along with Best Coast, Toro y Moi is probably the definitive music act of my 2010 and 2011. Chaz Bundick's music is just so now and resonates with me, probably because we're around the same age. It's that feeling of "holy shit, YES, this is my generation's groove."

Or at least, it feels that way to me and my friends. lol

I like Meikyuu Love song too, just saying. Especially that "always with you, tatoeba" part. Arashi's still my happy pill! (Also, Kageyama, but that's a whole new other post. Next time?)

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