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I might be five days late but....
Sorry Mac, it just cannot be helped.

THIS IS SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you common friend, whoever you are!

My two ichibans.

Ohno infecting everyone with his fishing disease!
Ohno looking so happy and relaxed in that tacky fishing vest whatever.
Shige's stupid, big, and nervous smile that makes him look like Matsujun.
Shige with Ohno!!!!!!

I'm certainly a happy fangirl today! I thought I was shaking off the whole Arashi thing (and my Shige crush) after two years. I haven't been watching anything Johnny's related for a couple of months because I was tiring of it. BUT THIS LITTLE VIDEO FROM [ profile] newshfan forced out the truth: I'm still hooked. ARASHI IS WORSE THAN DRUGS I TELL YOU. So is Shige. (But please, Shige, don't get addicted to fishing too, you'll get perpetually sunburnt like Ohno!)

I think I'll go watch my Arashi Around Asia 2008 in Tokyo DVD tomorrow. I haven't watched it because I felt like I was tiring of it (isn't it sad though, when you outgrow certain phases or obsessions?) But all is well, I haven't quite outgrown the boys yet. ;)  A stupid photo of Ohno fishing with his kouhai can still make me squeal, so I guess I'm not sick of Arashi. I've been hearing good things about the concert DVD, I shall find out tomorrow! Will watch it on our LCD TV, full volume, while I make love to Ohno and Sho with my eyes and singing. HAHAHA. Man I'm such a fucking geek.

And oh, in the video too, they showed Ryo bungee jumping! Pretty cool.

Bernice and I have been wanting to do this in Macau too! At the exact same place.
One day, I swear, I'll bungee jump from the Macau Tower too :D

You've got enough confidence as it is, without the bungee jumping, Mr. Ryo Nishikido. *snort*

I watched Wolverine too earlier today, in Glorietta (which has really become decrepit after the last time I saw it, months ago.) The movie was okay, I've never really been one for superhero movies. And Hugh Jackman's buff-ness scared me.The highlight of being in the cinema was getting to catch the Harry Potter trailer in full screen. I can't wait! I also saw some nice black flats in Zara, and a black sailor blazer. I shall come back to claim them soon, I swear. I miss shopping!  Can't wait to ukay again in Baguio before the school starts, vintage finds are more satisfying than buying in the mall. Even clothes are more fun when they have a great story behind them. ;)

And last na! I know it was released last year, but I only got to listen to it properly for the past few days (thank you summer idleness!): Sigur Rós's latest album, Með suð í eyrum við spilum endalaust, which according to means "with a buzz in our ears we play endlessly." The whole album is a ride, a different ride than all of their previous efforts. It's almost...happy. Well, not happy. Maybe jubilant, fresh, and epic are some of the adjectives I'm looking for. It just sounds different than their usual dreamscapes, and for me, it's a welcome change. I think I'll go lose myself in the album for a few days more. They are my Icelandic catharsis.

Also It also pleases me to no end that, for the album cover, they picked a photograph from Ryan McGinley's show, I Know Where The Summer Goes, which I really loved. It's just such a perfect match for the music! Maybe the image already preempted my love for the album, like somehow it was already a given that I'd love Með suð í eyrum við spilum endalaust. The series of photos was shown and presented around last year, I think. (The title of McGinley's show was derived from Belle & Sebastian's early B-side, isn't that cool? Thanks for that fun fact, Mats.) I remember not being able to get those pictures out of my mind because it all conveyed such a sense of freedom, of days when your legs are propped on the dashboard, you're on a roadtrip with your friends, the windows are down, and you're smoking a joint or two, god be damned if you are to be in any other place other than within that moment.

Compelling stuff, I'm still amazed at the whole lot of it even after a year of seeing it. I love his approach with the human body, and how he surrounds it with organic things. There's always that nuance of lightness in his photographs. And freedom. (Perfectly enough, just about the same feel with the Sigur Rós album.) Check out his other photographs at, you will not be disappointed. Anyway, that's enough word vomit for now. I am sleepy. :) Goodnight!


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