Jul. 20th, 2008 02:25 am
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What an epic. Maybe it's just because of my lukewarm feelings towards superhero movies in general, but The Dark Knight didn't strike me so much. It was good, but I have my reservations - three hours of swashbuckling, techie stunts, and endless plot twists are just too much for my liking. And I was so disconcerted at Batman's speaking voice, it was cyborg-ishly low. Tried not to laugh every time he spoke. I get that it's probably a vehicle to further reinforce that the character is a superhero; it's good for one-liners, but there were scenes where it just seemed out of place. But I digress.

There was one scene, though, that I really loved, when Batman was dangling Joker over the window ledge/plank/whatever, and Joker was telling Batman why he didn't let him drop off that height and die. He said that it was because Batman had a"misplaced" (or was it deranged) sense of morality. Joker was hanging upside down, but then the screen orientation made it seem like he was upright: his hair was standing up and he was swaying left and right. It made Joker's mini-speech more off-kilter and more spot on with his character. And maganda tignan, at least that's what I think.

Anyhoo. It was too long, my butt was numb the whole way home in Marky's car. Too much sitting.

But yeah. Heath Ledger. Tried looking for him underneath the makeup but he was so adept at portraying Joker that it was impossible to do so. Great for his acting credibility, but I'd much rather remember him as Patrick Verona.

This was my default day-dreaming-in-class fantasy back in high school. Hindi pa ako nahaharana. Haha!


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