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Who has watched Julien Temple's documentary on Glastonbury, which just so happens to be the longest-running and best-known music festival in the world? The documentary premiered way back in 2006; I can't believe I've delayed watching it for so long. Well, the whole thing is more like a hodgepodge of amateur video footage amassed from the festival goers, BBC's official footage of artists performing (and there were quite a lot of epic performances, I almost wanted to piss in my pants) , and the event from Michael Eavis' point of view, the guy who started it all. It was just more than two hours of glorious footage that will make you wish you were in a Glastonbury festival yourself.


I loved seeing all the craziness going on during the festival (drug-induced or not), the history of the festival itself, and all the political and social underpinnings of such an occurrence. All the footage should have made it feel archival, but it was the exact opposite of that. Temple's Glastonbury is exactly what a documentary is supposed to be: interesting and gripping. And not to mention the music that was indulgently weaved in through the whole documentary... it was mad. Brilliant kind of mad. Anybody who wants to borrow the DVD, just tell me.

Anyway I've been inspired to make a Glastonbury playlist, from the performances and songs that I really loved from the docu. I will upload them into a zip file once I get the chance, I'm just compiling some of the mp3's that I still don't have. (Because man, some of these songs are old greats. OLD. I have to look far and wide for them.)

Glastonbury: The Playlist )

Maybe someday I won't just be daydreaming about the festival through a documentary.
See you, Glastonbury.


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