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Yes I'm into fashion. Very much so.
Yes I like fashion editorials.
Yes I like pretty things.
Yes I like alcohol.
Yes I like dining out and food and traveling.
Yes I occasionally post personal pictures.
Yes I have a life.
Yes this can get personal.
Yes I'm prone to waxing poetic about things that break my heart.
Yes I also write about mundane things.
Yes I'm a film snob.
(Yes I love Anchorman, despite previous statement. )
Yes I'm in love with Ohno!!!! And the rest of Arashi. Who isn't? ♥ ♥ ♥ I quite adore Shige as well! 
Yes I also hold a special spot in my heart for Baru, Yoko, Mabo, Gussan, Nagase, Kamisen, and Shingomama :D
Yes I like pretty Japanese boys singing pop in histrionically colorful feathered outfits. Oy vey iz mir.

To LJ users:
I'm not really fussy about who reads my LJ, but adding is another thing. Take a look around, see if you actually like my posts. Don't get me wrong, I'm not an adding-nazi, but I like actual conversations (about anything, but real conversations, actual interaction.) Feel free to leave a comment in this post if you've added; I'll add back if I'd like to read more of your posts. :)

WARNING: I mostly hate doing LJ cuts, so if you hate long posts on your Friends Page, don't add me.

To friends visiting:
You can still leave comments even if you don't have an LJ. I'd love to hear from you.
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