Sep. 18th, 2011

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Mannequin 5 SP 4! For the first time in my life, I can't tell which outfit belongs to whom! I need a more high-res picture to judge fairly (because, you know, materials/texture matter and all that.)

Which outfit do you like?

Photo credit: [ profile] ghol88

So, yes, a lot of pink. I'm not going to diss it entirely on that account, I might fancy the rolled up pants if they're in a rich material. The shirt might be tacky in real life though. But overall, I don't hate it? I don't know. Looks like an outfit a stylist's assistant would wear. Take note, the assistant, not the stylist himself haha. I'd say Matsujun for the hat/scarf/glasses(?) combo, but I'm of the opinion that he's not really a "pink" person these days; he's more into sober colors the past few years. I think I'd love the outfit if it's Aiba's, though. Because pink + glasses + hat is so not Aiba and it'd be refreshing! Yes? But why do I have a sinking feeling that it's Sho's? :))

I'm guessing Aiba: the silhouette of the pants, the subtle knit + leather jacket combo, the shoes. It's possibly chic but iffy about the pink undershirt. And yeah, I want to see this in HQ! I really can't tell haha. What's that brown thing on the upper part of his pants? A print? Also, the shoes might be real ugly with closer inspection. Overall it feels heavy, could have been way better, like, they might be all nice, fashionable items separately, but together, it's just...meh.

I usually like winter knits and things like that but this one is just in a color that I can't...stomach. Especially with that shirt. Or maybe it's the brown pants with the caramel shoes. My toes curl in disgust, but that's because I'm a picky bitch lol. Overall, I just hate the color combination, truly. This might be Nino's? Or, Aiba? (Please, noooo because I have faith in Aiba's style and I don't want to be heartbroken, just like the last Mannequin SP with the ugly layering and the candy shoes.) I probably hate this the most haha. Sorry Nino! It's not you, it's me.

OHNO. Because it's lazy and predominantly black and...yeah. Although I don't really have an image of him wearing hats, or form-fitting pants for that matter, so this could be Matsujun? Or Sho trying to be cool, hat, blazers, and all? Confusing, this one. I totally get the look they're going for in this one, kind of like a metropolitan, Grease/MJ thing, just a little bit watered down. Can't say I like the orange shirt though; but if this is Ohno's, the orange would look delicious with his tan. DE-LISH-YUS. The bottom half of the outfit is quite cute though, maybe just have the jeans a tone darker? Then a v-neck and a badass jacket then this would totally get my vote. But then again, yeah, the outfit's not that haha

Nino, Sho, or Matsujun. Am I confused or what? I'm guessing Matsujun for the varsity cardigan and the Chucks, Nino for combining a cardigan with a tie, Sho for the somewhat overall dopey, academic feel of this outfit. It's almost cute, but then again, the maddening pink! Also, I'm not a fan of ties worn outside an occasion warranting suits (or formal, fitted vests at the very least), so the tie kind of blows it for me. I like the Chucks though, and would nick the cardigan in an instant. I just feel like the whole outfit's a little bit too "young" for them. I'd like it if it was Ohno's and it was a bowtie instead though! Hahaha

Arashi likes their colors (wish they'd hold back a little bit; even if they tend to go for muted ones, they tend to pile non-complementary colors together randomly, le sigh), and that I still don't know who's who! I don't love any of the outfits like ♥, but if I had to choose, probably...1?


Who's your pick? And who's who?


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