Sep. 12th, 2011

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Impromptu celebrations always end up being the most fun! And I have a video to prove it!

Threw a barbecue/Taboo night on a whim at my place just a couple of days ago as my advance birthday celeb with friends, since some have work/need to study for exams/will travel the next weekend. I didn't mind, it was actually better because the parentals are in Singapore for a week, aka no one bugging us about the noise level (although I had apprehensions about the grilling part: don't burn my house down, please lang! These are people who attempted to do Easy Bake brownies and ended up burning them, k?) But anyway, they brought everything: sirloin steak, Hungarian sausages, frankfurters, pork cuts, marshmallows, rice, banana leaves (???), chips, bottles of hard drinks and beer, ice, their own coolers, and a yummy chocolate truffle birthday cake from Sugarhouse which tastes like filthy, seductive, unadulterated sin. Simple joys!

23 is such a random age, but I'm so thankful that I have such awesome people to celebrate with, every single year. HAHA CHEESY! But yeah, I love them in all their crass, silly, palingkera, nerdy, and mushy glory!

favorite people


BGM is Teenage Crime by Adrian Lux, if you're curious.

The moment I set down my cam, I got thrown into the pool. I knew it. I attempted to hang on to the posts and to the table, kicking against the boys as they dragged my legs, screaming and all that, but...oh well. Didn't stand a chance. SABI KO NA NGA BA EH!

Looking forward to either French or Japanese fine dining on my actual birthday! What do you think?


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