Sep. 6th, 2011

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Had a gown fitting earlier today so I was at my designer's shop. Anyway, the owner wanted to take a photo of me, the designer (who's gay and fabulous and likes for people to call him Kit-Kat, even though there's no way he was born with that name), and the assistant together.

Owner: Okay! Smile!
*I, Kit-Kat, and assistant strike a pose*
Owner: 1, 2-
Assistant: Ay, teka! Teka! Hindi ako naka-make-up! (Wait! Wait! I don't have make-up on!)
Kit-Kat: Puta ka. Kuha mo na nga lang ako ng tubig! (You whore. Just go fetch me a glass of water!)
*Kit-Kat shoves assistant out of the picture*

When I saw the picture, my eyes were gone and my mouth was open way too wide from laughing and all you could see of the assistant were legs, and Kit-Kat had a sexy pout + brow raise all ready even as his arm was pushing out the assistant! HAHAHAHA! IDK, the exchange is funnier in Filipino, I guess. I just died at the nonchalant yet venomous "puta ka." WHY SO HILARIOUS, YOU BECKY YOU

Also, my friends and I had a yoga/pilates/ballet class earlier. (Plana Forma, if you're curious.) The girl in front of us was a first-timer, and she was wearing a shirt (which was tucked in to her high-waist jogging pants) that said "Velvet Rabbit". We were cracking up so much. VELVET RABBIT. IDEK anymore, seriously, questioning sanity, humor, and choice of peers right about now :|



Can I just say, that I love Zenkai Girl? Ryo! Oh Ryo you stupid, nice, pushover softie, and your relationship with Pitaro! Also, your touching Gakky's hand in that scene by that bridge totally got to me what is this! And that hug. Why am I all over this supposedly stupid drama? It's so compulsively watchable and quite...adorable. Totally unexpected!!! I'm still watching Soredemo, Ikite Yuku too, though, and it's still heart-wrenching and beautiful. Heavy stuff. I'll probably write a review when it's all done. Ikemen Desu, ne is pretty cute too. I love Tama-chan! He's a grower. Slogging through Hanawake, I kind of sort of hate Shige's character right now lol.

BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY, I FINISHED YASASHII JIKAN. I'M BEATING MYSELF UP OVER THE FACT THAT I KEPT PUTTING IT OFF FOR SO LONG, BECAUSE SERIOUSLY, IT'S SUCH A GEM. Oh, Nino and Masami. I belatedly ship you so hard. Their chemistry was just so palpable and tender and just, oh, and I love the rest of the cast too, as well as the setting and the atmosphere. Will probably write a serious review on that as well. Someday. But wow, in a nutshell, it was so affecting and just... ♥

I know, I'm watching too many dramas. *shrugs* My poor film list!

Any of you guys on Pottermore? I got sorted to Gryffindor! Add me up, I'm JinxFlame58 over there. NERD ALERT. Comment here with your Pottermore username if you're adding, so I know who you are!

[ profile] jadeswallow, finished reading you-know-what! Will email you by tonight or tomorrow! I'm sorry I'm such a procrastinator. :(


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