Aug. 12th, 2011

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Food, glorious food! (Some beverages and random pictures from the past couple of months as well!)

Basically, happy things. 

"If more of us valued food and cheer and song above hoarded gold, it would be a merrier world." - J.R.R. Tolkien. I'm fresh off a re-read of The Hobbit, so I'm totally channeling some bucolic, merry, and gay Shire vibes.  

Rogue beer at Chelsea, cheese capsicum naan and mushroom with cheese masala from New Bombay

Nachos, classic chocolate milkshake, and cheesesteak from forever we-can't-decide-where-to-eat favorite, Mr. Jones

IMG_1045 IMG_1047
The wonderland that is Chocolate Fire. Their display always makes me salivate, but I try to control myself. Just ate this chocolate-dipped strawberry to indulge a little ;p Follow Chocolate Fire at their Twitter

Pretty macarons from Bizu! Pistachio macarons forevs <3 (I still dream of the day I get to eat authentic macarons Pierre Hermes!) My cute nephews, Igo and Ethan, and pretty little niece, Alex. Refreshing iced chai tea latte from Starbs!

A big, hot bowl of pho with lots of toge from PhoBac. Homemade ham-egg-cheese sandwich with cheese Ruffles. The most succulent (and cheap) chocolate and graham pancakes in the world from Pancake House! I love the way it melts in my mouth, yumyumyum. Also, classic fried Pan chicken from the same place - major comfort food! BEST FRIED CHICKEN EVER. This was all I ate when I was a kid haha.

IMG_1090 IMG_1093
Meaty, juicy gyoza, sukiyaki, and teppanyaki from Shinjuku. I can wax poetic about their dumplings, seriously. Best in the metro!

Normandie crepe (stewed apples, cinnamon, caramel syrup) with caramel ice cream + iced cafe au lait at Cafe Breton. Big-ass fried chimichanga with extra guacamole from Ristra's. Mocha ladyfinger cake from Sugarhouse. My sister and I ;)

Santino "reading" Sunday comics aboard his inflatable car, all chill and shit <3

Illoc being a brave darling while having crackers. Driko being sleepy while we were visiting Illoc in the hospital. Random, girly (and not to mention uglily-embellished) purikura with Lyle and Chelle. "BFFs 4evah" HAHA KAINIS BUT IT'S ALL GOOD

 IMG_1151 IMG_1122
Hainanese chicken rice from a stall in Salcedo Saturday morning market. Ebi and unagi sushi from Kikufuji. One of my favorite lunch meal sets ever, also from Kikufuji: cold zaru soba with ice-cold Coke Zero. <3 I CRAVE THIS ALL THE TIME, AND WILL EAT THIS ON MY DYING DAY. I'm kind of a cold soba nut, probably because it's so perfect for the weather here in Manila, and because I love its subtle yet satisfying taste. Wasabi and daikon on the dipping sauce, please! :)

My college buds invaded my house for a dinner and drinks affair! So much fun, I missed them a lot. Everyone brought food (and dessert, like these mini-cupcakes and macarons) and of course, drinks as well. I stuck to my Jack Coke. Having a bum tummy from mixing drinks is no fun

With Arik, my first friend in college (we chatted each other up during orientation lol. He's now teaching CITIGOV, which is Citizenship and Governance, in good old DLSU. How time flies!) Also, my girls!

FOOD OVERLOAD AT VIKINGS. Pretty awesome buffet spread for the price! I loved the chawan mushi, Chinese street food (mala tang!), peking duck, and red velvet cake. Drool drool drool 

P7120521 P7120498
Blurry b&w, dark chocolate ice cream, and my favorite fastfood meal: Wendy's Bacon Mushroom Melt with fries and iced tea! Can't go wrong with that, ever! I'm not a big iced tea fan (unless it's from genuine brewed tea leaves) but Wendy's iced tea is just...magical. Also, they changed the potatoes and recipe for their fries. Sea salt =  so much yummier!

Life is good!


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