Aug. 11th, 2011

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I love this poem. 

To see the world
by Tammy Ho Lai-Ming

If you had to choose
between traveling around the world in one day
and waiting for the train with me for five minutes,
which would you choose?

To see the world in under two dawns,
better than a grain of sand.
Its rise & decay in ruins — now tourist sites.
Its loving nothingness in city glass buildings—
miniature Babel towers.
If you are lucky, you’ll see ten wedding ceremonies,
fifteen births in baths,
people yelping & rising from Blowing Rock.
On a remote village road, barefoot children grow or wane,
while daffodils beg for rain. Someone
in the East collects gutter oil for high-end restaurants.
You see soldiers in war zones. Their family
are convinced they’ll be back for Christmas.

Or to wait with me for five minutes—
allow me to hold your hand amidst this flock of
chance passengers and passing chances—
if only to understand one thing:
that we can still the world
in an eternity of nano-seconds.

Wait with me, confident
that if you are bored of this compressed lifetime,
another one is pressing down the track.


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