Aug. 4th, 2011


Aug. 4th, 2011 06:19 am
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Boarded a plane
with one of its headlights broken 
All my secret, oppressive prayers
lost in dusty drawers
The heat is flickering, indecisive
The air smells different
I’m somehow dying to explain it all to you

See, I bought this old book yesterday
Thinking I’d hungrily read it 
to the last page
I had only sighed
All my thoughts remaining crumpled,
in the cheap, faint ink of regret
"I want to fly like only you do" 

3 o’clock, I scream in irritation,
it was a long time ago, more than it seemed
(The patient lilt to your voice—ingratiating)
I only brought up
Things long decomposed in the heap
of what was
for you to drop me off at my door and
watch me sleep 
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LJ is back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (I know, what's late to the party.) Didn't know how much I relied on it until it was gone, seriously. I haven't slogged through my f-list in quite awhile, been really busy, but I promise to catch up with everyone soon! Sorry for sucking with the commenting recently. Will make amends. Anyway! One of my all-time favorite fashion editors got hitched! Katie Shillingford of Dazed & Confused is possibly one of the chicest people to walk this planet. While I usually don't bother with the personal lives of the "fashion people" I admire, I just have to gush about Katie's gorgeous and unusual wedding dress - IF I WERE TO BECOME A BRIDE ONE DAY, I JUST WANT TO BE EXACTLY LIKE HER! (Well, not exactly like her, but I want to imbibe the spirit of her wedding, and wear an equally breathtakingly atypical dress as well.)

The pale gray chiffon dream that she's wearing is bespoke Gareth Pugh. I guess it helps that they went to Central St. Martins together and that they're best friends. I need a Gareth Pugh in my life too! 


I love how she's never half-assed about her fanciful hair color choices, and that it's pink for her wedding. I still remember her navy blue ombre hair a year or two back, that was gorgeous!



Look at their cake!


First dance


Dream dress, wedding or not, for real. If you want to see Katie Shillingford's work, you have to check out this editorial spread from the July issue of Dazed and Confused. Stunning work - the styling, the photography, the concept, everything. 

Food blog coming up next! I have quite the backlog so get ready for major food spammage! 


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