Apr. 30th, 2011

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Goddammit, Nino. 

Ooku was one shitty movie. Not because of the cast (because they were superb), but the storyline. I recently read the manga (1st one I've ever read haha) and found it lacking as well. Kind of gave me a feeling like, that's it? Felt they could have done so much with the set-up and premise. But yeah, thought it was a shitty movie. That's just me though.

But Nino. Why are your eyes so... gloriously piercing? *dies* He was so cute too in the recent Oshareism. All giggles and funny anecdotes. I loved his story about drinking with Jun, who was "passionately" enumerating future concert plans, then suddenly saying to Nino, "I'm drunk, aren't I?" PLEASE SPELL EFFIN' CUTE. Or the story about him and Aiba making fun of discussing where Jun gets his flashy clothes, lol. And the Tanoshingo imitation. I can watch that forevs. And his mole. His hair. Oh, Nino

My heights of appreciation for Nino has gone to an entirely new level. I hate it. lol 

PS: I JUST GAVE LONG VACATION A DECENT RE-WATCHING AND I'M... BLOWN AWAY. Perfect cast, perfect (flawless!) OST, perfect kisses, perfect era (too much nostalgia for the 90s on my part!), and a cute plot. Kimura Takuya...walang kang kupas. Lol. IDK how to translate that. Maybe, flawless? Ageless? Perfect? Anyway, I'm now of the opinion that true love consists of drinking wine/beer together on a regular basis, swallowing paper because you care, playing the piano for each other, and touching each other's toes.


♥ Must-watch!!!!! 


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