Apr. 16th, 2011

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 I think my LJ's due for a food blog. 1,2,3... YAY!

IMG_0974 IMG_0973

Pasta at Amici. The one on the left, which was salmon carbonara, was particularly heavenly. I loved the scallops on the pasta dish to the right, though! I can eat scallops everyday, oh gosh

IMG_0972 IMG_0924

Chorizo and Spinach pizza at Amici. The one on the right is raspberry-chocolate cake and a grape martini (I think) from Cibo, lol. I think I had that post-Jason Magbanua docu premiere in Rockwell. Winner combo of dessert and alco! 

IMG_0943 IMG_0940

Yeah, you know from where, and what those dishes are. Depressing fat-fest meal with friends

IMG_0928 IMG_0925

Best katsudon and sushi, swear, at my favorite Japanese restaurant here in Manila. (@ Kikifuji at Little Tokyo, along Pasong Tamo) IF YOU LIVE IN MANILA YOU OWE IT TO YOURSELVES TO EAT THERE. Just looking at these pictures is making me crave for their mouthwatering unagi (eel) sushi. Party-in-my-mouth level

IMG_0661 IMG_0662

I love random meals at S&R after grocery-shopping! Caesar salad and pizzaaaa

IMG_0697 IMG_6675

Ribs at Friday's, then yakiniku at Tajimaya in Cebu

IMG_0704 IMG_0699

Favorite order at Mr. Jones in Greenbelt: Ricotta and blueberry pancakes with Cherry Coke. I find myself grinning just thinking about it. (Loser.) Steamed tofu at Hap Chan, when I'm feeling like sticking to my diet haha. But I really like tofu, so no biggie

IMG_0893 IMG_0874

Plane food! I only took a picture of it because I loved, loved, the Bizu chocolate mousse dessert. Nice going, Philippine Airlines (for once.) The one on the right is my breakfast before an intense tennis workout. The drink is a banana shake with yogurt, which I whip up for myself every now and then when I feel like indulging myself for breakfast

IMG_0900 IMG_0833

Breakfast at Pathumwan in Bangkok. I love breakfast! Then salad at Italianni's.

IMG_0835 IMG_0834

Tiramisu and mango panna cotta at Cibo. The twins and I had a dessert date, yum yum!

Enough of the beautiful piggery. How's everyone doing? I'm still reading your posts but I swear to god LJ is on it's dying throes. It takes me at least 4 times to comment successfully, and my connection's been conking and here and there, so yeah. How are you all? If you feel like talking, or if you're on Twitter, I'm nunuuu there as well. Let me know who you are though ;) 


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