Mar. 9th, 2011

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Just saw the March 5 Shiyagare episode where Ohno gave his ice-cream to the old-lady who taught him how to shape it properly. So terribly cute, and I was like, Ohno, you sweet boy you He makes such a good grandkid, he always gets along so splendidly and swimmingly with elderly people. It never fails to turn me into putty, and is also probably the reason why I was so attached to MMA (I still really miss Mago Mago Arashi every now and then, it was that great and I know a lot of you will agree!) But then, I realized, if they made an MMA-like show again with the Arashi-as-grandchildren concept, it would already be a little ridiculous to "frame" them as "grandkids" again, especially Ohno: he's 30!!!!!!!!!!! I just had that horrifying realization about how old Ohno really is, lol. (And consequently, how young they really used to be back then.)

How time flies!!! 

But never mind, age is a state of mind. I still love Ohno (and the four other soon-to-be 30 men) a whole lot. ;D Just wanted to share that random thought haha. Time to unpack and rest, god, I can't even tell you how I really loathe flying and cabin air. Loathe. 

EDIT: OMG OHNO'S GOING TO HOST AN ART SHOW IN NHK!!!!! Will wonders never cease? I love that he's going to be talking about Ito Jakuchu, an artist he cares about! Or I just plain love that he's going to be talking art. I'm so sincerely happy for him that he gets to work on something that he cares for and loves!



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