Feb. 5th, 2011

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There are actually a million things I want to blog about, but in the cacophony of all those ideas, words, and pictures waiting to be assembled together in organized blog posts, I've become lazy. I want to share so many things but the past few weeks or so, it's felt so delicious to not be online as much. Don't get me wrong, I'd die without the internet (Who remembers life before internet? We were cavemen. Cavemen!) but at the same time, it also gets a little bit taxing. I salute those who blog for a living, I can just imagine how stressful it could get to always have some original content up your sleeve! I'm pretty satisfied with my own little private nook in the World Wide Web where I can talk about my stupid fancies such as gorgeous Japanese boybanders, food, shoes and clothes, with some "serious" blogs peppered in sparingly. It's so non-committal yet satisfying at the same time!

So since I can't decide on what exactly to blog about, I'll just allow myself to ramble about random stuff that I've bought recently. The products of retail therapy is an easy, no-brainer thing to talk about, yes?


This pair of Pedro Garcia Marisha was on sale at Adora, and when I first saw it, I immediately lusted after it. I actually had my heart set on a pair of Prada oxford pumps, but when I saw these feathered babies, I was a goner. After I tried them on, they were heaven on my feet! I haven't bought heels with less than a 4-inch height since...forever. It's not that I choose to suffer, it's more of an aesthetic thing: higher heels look chicer, at least to me.

But hey, these babies were so beautiful, even if they were a tiny bit short in my estimation!


Yes, feathers. I feel slightly guilty... but they were so pretty. And I love shoes. I couldn't resist :|
They're so magical in person: if they light just hits the right spot, it becomes this shade of neon green which just looks so amazing. I can just imagine the frothy frocks I can wear with this baby!


I just realized that when it comes to designer stuff, if there's a selection of colors to choose from, I always end up choosing green. It's not even my favorite color, but I'm just so attracted to it! Maybe it's my secret favorite color, and I just don't want to admit it to myself.

(In all those "slumbooks", when we were in grade school, I always answered blue kapag favorite color yung tinatanong, lol. So feeling ko kailangan ko panindigan, even up to now. SO PETTY, HAHAHA)

But in any case my favorite drink in Starbs is their Green Tea frap, so maybe it's really meant to be? 


Also, I can't resist bookstore sales.


But with a little restraint, I painstakingly chose these four books out of the handful I was carrying in my arms. Control, Nina, control. (I seriously fear for my future paychecks. FEAR.)


I've been hearing good things about these books by Kobe Abe, Kazuo Ishiguro, and Miguel Syjuco. Especially the Miguel Syjuco one, Ilustrado, which won the Palanca Grand Prize, the Philippines' most prestigious literary award, and also nothing less than the Man Asia Literary Prize back in 2008. I'm always on the lookout for talented Filipino authors, and it shames me a little that it took me so long to pick up this book. I'm so excited to read it! Also, I bought Osamu Dazai's No Longer Human, or Ningen Shikkaku. No, I haven't watched the 2009 film with Toma in it (I've read some scathing reviews on it, yikes), but if ever I get around to watching it, I'd want to read the novel first. In any case, I love Japanese writers and novels! It's one of my dreams to read my favorites in their original language. Admittedly, the romance started with Banana Yoshimoto when I was 17 (my favorites from her being Amrita and Kitchen), and since then, I've always gravitated to Japanese novels, for some reason. In college, I was astounded with Kobo Abe's The Box Man. I never knew a novel could be so frustrating to read, yet so brilliant in its wake. It's the kind of novel that makes you want to stop writing altogether, because, really, how can you ever compare?

Anyway, I have to stop typing now, or else I'd blather on and on about books which can get... long-winded. How's everyone? Read a good book lately or splurged on a fabulous fashion find? :)


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