Jan. 5th, 2011

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Obviously, will not make sense for anyone not into Johnny's and dramas and all that.


SMAP’S "We are SMAP" CONCERT MC. OMIGOD. Those tight white pants. Goro’s hair. (There always has to be a bit about Goro’s hair.) Goro’s silver, glittery socks! Tsuyoponnnnnn. ♥ Shingo being cute and tall and bear-like and everything! Shingo bawling like a baby. Nakai getting picked on by Tsuyo!!!!! NAKAI BEING SO GOSH DARN ADORABLE. Kimura’s giggling fit at Tsuyo’s “WTF?” face. SMAP snubbing management orders ahahaha. SMAAAAP ♥

Stop terrorizing me with your awesome and funny, SMAP :| )

Iitai Dake. That was epic, I have no words. *_* Shige is the effing man!!!!! KoyaShige should be a real unit, if life was fair

Just finished Freeter. I thought it was a great drama. Not the best, but like, quite emotionally resonant and relevant and well-shot and of course, Nino!

Haven’t watched the Johnny’s Countdown yet. Is it worth downloading?

I finished Juui Dolittle as well. Lol. Everyone said it sucked, but I…kind of liked it? Maybe it’s because I wanted to be a vet when I was a kid, so the subject matter was interesting for me. Hated Shun’s greasy-ass hair though. Cringe cringe cringe cringe-a-thon

One of my favorite fic series ended recently! It’s entitled Love So Sweet by [info]angel8991, and it’s an Ohno/OC fic, so if you’re not into that, don’t even get into it. I thought I wouldn’t like it as well, but when I read the first chapter, I was hooked all the way. I read 30+ chapters in three days after stumbling upon it, that good. Basically it’s about Ohno falling in love with Sho’s cousin, who lived in the States all her life but went to Japan for a visit, initially. She had no idea Sho was that big a superstar in Japan, lol. And when she meets Ohno, things happen.

What I like about it )

I can’t seem to quit my Sakumoto fixation. By Sakumoto, I mean Sho and Jun. HEEELPPPPPPPPP


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